Behavioral Development

Learn how to guide your kid through his behavioral development. Plus: Try these ideas for building self-esteem.

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5 Expert Tips to Help Your Sensitive Child Navigate an Overwhelming World
There are many benefits to being a highly sensitive person. Here's how to help your child manage their deep feelings in ways that also teach them coping skills.
Bhad Bhabie Says She Was Abused at Troubled-Teen Camp She Was Sent to by Dr. Phil: 'No Sympathy'
"There's no evidence of none of this and obviously all the staff is in on it so they're not gonna snitch on each other. All you really have is the kids that are there," she said.
How to Get Kids to Do Chores Without Even Asking Them
Did you know in other cultures it's totally acceptable for young kids to help out with house chores? Author of Hunt, Gather, Parent, Michaeleen Doucleff shares tips on how American parents can get their children to help out and even be enthusiastic about the chores too.
Dad Pretends 9 Year Old's Bike Was Stolen to Teach Him a Lesson—But at What Cost?
This dad's lesson "worked," but a clinical psychologist weighs in on better ways to help a child learn—and create a trusting relationship along the way.
9 Special Education Strategies That Work for All Kids
Whether your child struggles with outbursts, focus, or fidgeting, educators say these research-backed classroom techniques can make a real difference, right in your own home.
Focusing On Your Kid's Bad Behavior Won't Help Them Reach Their True Potential: Here Are 6 Things to Do Instead
We think we see our kids’ challenging behavior and “bad” habits for what they are. But as Parents advisor Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D., writes in this excerpt from his new parenting book, The Scaffold Effect, our understanding of our children can be skewed by our own flawed perceptions. Here’s how to retrain your brain and tap into your kid’s true potential.

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What to Do If Your Child Loves to Eavesdrop
Eavesdropping is a common childhood habit. But there are adult conversations you don't want your kid listening to. Experts explain how to put a halt to this totally normal but not always desired behavior.
I'm a Mom and a Professional Organizer: Here's How I Get My Kids to Keep Their Stuff in Order
Whether it's through laundry games or clever ways to make a bed, there are fun ways to get kids to organize and maintain their own space from an early age. This also builds confidence, empowerment, and a happy home life for everyone.

I Thought My Child Was Just Misbehaving But It Was Really Oppositional Defiant Disorder

When a child is angry, irritable, argumentative, defiant, or vindictive for at least six months, they may receive a diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder.