Child Development

Is your kid on track? Here's what you need to know about child development for the older kid, including appropriate behaviors, psychological development, social growth spurts, and emotional considerations.

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What Is Parentification? Spotting the Warning Signs and How to Let Kids Be Kids

Parentification involves a role reversal between a parent and child, which causes the kid acts as an emotional or practical caregiver. Here's why it happens and how it affects development.

5 Expert Tips to Help Your Sensitive Child Navigate an Overwhelming World

There are many benefits to being a highly sensitive person. Here's how to help your child manage their deep feelings in ways that also teach them coping skills.

I Hated Being Tickled as a Kid So Why Should I Let My Husband Do It to Our Daughter?

Sure, tickling seems like an innocent way to spur on giggles. But what if it makes kids uncomfortable? Here's what experts say about the right way to physically play together with young children.

Bhad Bhabie Says She Was Abused at Troubled-Teen Camp She Was Sent to by Dr. Phil: 'No Sympathy'

"There's no evidence of none of this and obviously all the staff is in on it so they're not gonna snitch on each other. All you really have is the kids that are there," she said.

How to Get Kids to Do Chores Without Even Asking Them

Did you know in other cultures it's totally acceptable for young kids to help out with house chores? Author of Hunt, Gather, Parent, Michaeleen Doucleff shares tips on how American parents can get their children to help out and even be enthusiastic about the chores too.

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This dad's lesson "worked," but a clinical psychologist weighs in on better ways to help a child learn—and create a trusting relationship along the way.

9 Special Education Strategies That Work for All Kids

Whether your child struggles with outbursts, focus, or fidgeting, educators say these research-backed classroom techniques can make a real difference, right in your own home.

4 Easy Ways to Make Kids More Social From Home (Without Playdates)

You don't need to overload kids with activities in order to encourage social and emotional development at home. Just incorporate these simple ideas into your social-distanced days.