Child Development

Is your kid on track? Here's what you need to know about child development for the older kid, including appropriate behaviors, psychological development, social growth spurts, and emotional considerations.

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7 Little Ways to Improve Your Child’s Coordination

Kids need to move and they need to do it often. Here are simple ways to get your kids moving and build their coordination at the same time.

7 Reasons Why Kids Cry That Aren't Always Easy to Recognize

The tears of an older child can be tougher to decode than the wails you studied so intently in the baby phase. Here’s an inside look at the top triggers and some surprising soothing strategies.

3 Ways to Help Kids Express Their Feelings

Help along your child's emotional development—and defuse a meltdown—with these expert tips on helping kids express their feelings when they're upset.

Why Haven't We Heard of Dyspraxia?

Approximately six to 10 percent of people struggle with this neurological disorder that often affects motor skills, but very few know what it is—or how it affects kids.

7 Books on Puberty for Boys

If puberty has made its awkward entrance into your son's life then you might be wondering where to look for straightforward answers to some of the most toughest questions. These books will give your kid the facts to navigate the choppy waters to teenhood.

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Should You Let Your Kids Watch Horror Movies?

Coping with fear can help kids become more resilient, but thrillers aren't for everyone. If you decide to let your kids watch scary movies, here's how to increase the likelihood of a positive experience.

What to Do If Your Child Loves to Eavesdrop

Eavesdropping is a common childhood habit. But there are adult conversations you don't want your kid listening to. Experts explain how to put a halt to this totally normal but not always desired behavior.

12-Year-Old Delivers Essential Care Packages to the Homeless and Elderly

Through his nonprofit Project I Am, Jahkil Jackson wants to prove kids can be change agents and make a difference in their communities.