Child Development

Is your kid on track? Here's what you need to know about child development for the older kid, including appropriate behaviors, psychological development, social growth spurts, and emotional considerations.

Dealing With Your Child's Mood Swings

Learn what's behind her erratic emotions and how to go with the flow.

How to Handle Your Child's First Crush

When school begins, so do playground weddings. How should you cope with a bad case of puppy love?

Improve Memory Skills

Between reading, writing, math, social studies, and science, there's a lot of material for your child to know. Here's how to help him absorb it all.

13 Ways to Raise a Compassionate Child Online and Off

Want a child who really, truly cares about others? Follow this advice on raising compassionate children from experts and parents.

The Year Ahead: Age 5

Your baby is heading off to kindergarten this year -- where did the time go? There's more excitement on the horizon. Here's some of what lies ahead.

Kids More Likely to Succeed in School If Teachers Have Positive View of Their Parents, Study Says

A new study points to the importance of teachers developing good relationships with all parents, and of parents being as involved as possible in kids' school lives.

Kids Notice Things Adults Completely Miss, New Research Says

Sometimes kids' "weakness" is actually a strength, according to recently published studies.

Horoscope for a Cancer Baby

Babies whose astrological sign is Cancer love being at home surrounded by family. Keep your little Crab--born from June 21 to July 22--comfortable by sticking to a routine, as kids with this zodiac sign tend to not like going out of their comfort zone.

How to Talk to Kids About Puberty

It can be uncomfortable talking about the changes your child's body is going through. Betsy Brown Braun, author of "Just Tell Me What to Say," gives tips on how you can avoid an embarrassing dialogue.

12 Milestones You Shouldn't Overlook

Many of the events in your child's life don't feel so eventful--but they're important signs of the growth that's taking place right under your nose.

Raise a Kid Who Won't Give Up

The real secret to success is not getting frustrated when things seem tough. These ideas will inspire your child to try, try again.

Kids Who Just Gotta Win

School-age kids are competitive by nature. Teach them how to have fun -- and be a good sport.

5 Books to Help You Raise a Globally Minded Child

Saira Siddiqui, founder of Confessions of a Muslim MOMmaholic, shares her top picks.

That's Enough! Four Ways to Discipline Ungrateful Children

Stop your kid's seemingly endless requests and ungrateful attitude with our expert plan.

8 Ways to Motivate Kids to Do Chores

Don't let your kids drag their feet about doing household chores. Instead, inspire them to make the dull routines enjoyable and entertaining.

Helping Kids Cope With Grief

Tips on how children can deal with the death of a close friend or family member.

Many Girls Are Woefully Unprepared for Puberty

When and how to have "the talk" has parents confused, which leaves girls ill-equipped to handle the changes coming their way, according to new research.

David Beckham Is Every Proud Parent Whose Child Just Learned to Ride a Bike

Those little milestones never cease to make us parents soooo proud. And maybe a little emotional.

Back to School: How to Help Kids Who Cry Easily

If you have a sensitive child, help curb the tears with these coping strategies.

How to Leave a Store Without Buying a Toy

Are you worried about a potential meltdown every time you go to the store and don't buy your son a toy? Here are some tips to handle the situation before, during and after!

When Teens Make Out in Public

Jan Faull, MEd, advises parents on how to deal with their kids' public make-out sessions.

"I Caught My Tween Masturbating"

One parent wonders what to do now that she caught her adolescent daughter masturbating.

Inspiring Creativity: Raise A Trailblazer

You can encourage innovative thinking by letting your child take the lead.

Improving Kids' Social Skills

Learn about the social milestones your child should have at different ages and the activities that can help enhance social development.

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