Child Care: Should You Hire a Family Member?

More grandparents than ever before are caregivers for their grandchildren. Before "Nana" becomes "Nanny," watch our video for some pointers.


Should you hire a family member as your child care provider? It's a question parents often ask and it can seem like an easy option. But before you make a final decision, here are three factors to consider. First, examine your relationship. Getting child care means lots of communication about schedules, expectations and child care philosophies. Make sure you have a good rapport with the family member, to talk openly and honestly about your needs and preferences. Second, talk openly about availability. Determine your child care needs and see if it matches well with the relative's availability. Third, discuss payment options. If you want the family member to be available on a consistent schedule, payment or favors like gift cards would be appropriate. A grandparent might brush off the idea of a payment. But a sister-in-law with her own children, might appreciate the offer. While child care provided by family member has its advantages, it has the potential to strain relationships. Having open and ongoing communication from the start is the best way to ensure all parties are satisfied with the arrangement.

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