The Best Summer Camps for Every Type of Kid

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These days, summer programs featuring traditional warm-weather fun aren't the only options available to families. Kids can live out all of their aspirations, fantasies, and more at these memorable camps for every type of kid.
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Nike Soccer Camp

Offered in 19 states, Nike’s soccer camps are perfect for players looking to improve their skills. Coordinators divide campers into groups based on ability level and age, then college coaches train them in everything from technical skills to tactical awareness. Some locations even have special goalkeeping training. Most of the camps take place at local universities; visit the Nike website to find your closest one.

Location: 19 states across the country

Age Range: 8-18 years old

Dates: Varies based on location

Price: Varies based on location

Visit the Nike Soccer Camp website for more information.

Westchester Circus Arts Camp

Got a kid who wants to run away and join the circus? First he's got to learn the tightropes. Although many camps offer the flying trapeze these days, this particular day camp offers instructions on what little kids need to know to be a big top bigwig: aerial arts, acrobatics, contorsion, balance, juggling, stage presence, clowning, and more. Every week-long session ends with a show where campers reveal their brand-new circus skills, complete with lights, music, and popcorn machines!

Location: Katonah, NY

Age Range: 6-18 years old

Dates: July 22 - July 26 ; July 29 - Aug 2; Aug 5 - Aug 9

Price: $675 for single week

Visit the Westchester Circus Arts Camp website for more information. 

Wizards & Warriors Camp

Prep your potions and powers! At this myth-inspired educational camp, run by Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship, kids invent their own characters to role-play in an ongoing, interactive story. No video games or dice here – campers act out the epic tale using their magical skill set, their smarts, and a variety of foam weapons. In addition to battling evil on their quest for treasure, kids will get a chance to participate in spell casting, alchemy, riddle solving, potion making, treasure hunting, and more. They’ll also gain a basic knowledge of subjects like chemistry, mythology, physics, critical thinking, and Latin.

Location: Salem, MA

Age Range: Day camp is 7-15 years old; sleepaway camp is 8-15 years old

Dates: Multiple options available

Price: Varies based on program

Visit the Wizards & Warriors Camp website for more information.

Courtesy of USTA
Courtesy of USTA

Adidas Tennis Camp

If you can sign your child up for Adidas tennis summer camps, he/she will receive 30 hours of expert training from former professionals, college coaches, and college players. They’ll also learn valuable lessons about teamwork, integrity, healthy competition, and goal setting. Campers are divided based on skill level and age to ensure proper training. Choose between day camp or overnight camp in college dormitories.

Location: Various locations in 19 states

Age Range: 8-18 years old

Dates: Varies based on location

Price: Varies based on location

Visit the Adidas Tennis Camp website for more information.


New York Film Academy Musical Theatre Camp

Hosted by the New York Film Academy, this four-week musical theater camp is for kids and teens who dream of performing on Broadway. Campers learn everything from performance skills to self-expression, helping them become “triple threats” with singing, dancing, and acting. They even work one-on-one with Broadway-level professionals! The New York Film Academy also offers summer camps for film, broadcast journalism, 3D animation, screenwriting, photography, game design, and more.

Location: New York City

Age Range: 10-17 years old

Dates: July 22-August 16 for kids session; July 21-August 10 for three-week teen session; June 23-July 20 for four-week kid session

Price: $4,000 for kids session; $ 3,490 for three-week teen session; $ 4,650 for four-week teen session

Visit the New York Film Academy website for more information.

Hollywood Stunts at Pali Overnight Adventures

Pali Overnight Adventures offers 28 camp specialities like Girl Power, Culinary, Fashion, Secret Agent, Comedy, and Wacky Science – but Hollywood Stunt Camp will really catch the attention of little daredevils. Athletic (and brave) kids learn how to tumble, duel, stage fight, and fall from 30 feet – all under the direction and guidance of experienced professionals. Safety is the number-one priority: Mats are omnipresent and the equipment is state-of-the-art. The camp ends with a stunt show spectacular, where the kids show off what they've learned by directing and choreographing stunts.

Location: Running Springs, CA

Age Range: 9 to 16 years old

Price: $1,850 per week

Dates: June 16 to August 17; one and two week sessions are available

Visit the Pali Overnight Adventures website for more information. 

Camp All Star

Another program offered by Nike, Camp All Star lets boys and girls choose one of four specialities: basketball, soccer, volleyball, or ice hockey. Campers spend several hours each day participating in drills, training, and games with a college coach. Afternoons are designated to adventurous activities ranging from hiking to rock climbing to yoga – with the exceptions of Wednesdays, when campers head to the local lake! During the evenings, everyone gets together for social activities like campfires and capture-the-flag. Nature enthusiasts will love the views of Mount Everest and surrounding trails – and parents will love the camp’s proximity to Boston, Albany, New York City, and Hartford.

Location: Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts

Age Range: 10-16 years old

Dates: One week sessions are June 30-July 6, July 7-July 13, and July 14-July 20; two week sessions are June 30-July 13 and July 7-July 20; three week session is June 30-July 20

Price: $1,395 for one week; $2,690 for two weeks; $3,885 for three weeks

Visit the the Camp All Star website for more information.

Role-Playing Games at Independent Lake Camp

Along with the usual summer fun – like soccer, swimming, art, and performing – this camp has many unusual offerings, like a Dungeon where kids play all sorts of role-playing games. Despite the lair's name, it's not all about Dungeons & Dragons: "We've got World of Darkness, Vampires, Star Wars, Shadow Run, Magic the Gathering, and Secret Identities. Some games use nothing more than a few pieces of paper and a pencil or two," says camp director Nigel Watson. Campers are encouraged to make up their own games – in fact, Secret Identities was created by a former counselor. Although LARPing (live action role playing) is also an option, most kids prefer to stay sequestered in the Dungeon because the games require a lot of preparation and strategy. The upside: no need for sunblock.

Location: Thompson, PA

Age Range: 6 to 17 years old

Price: $3,350 for two-week session and $5,025 for three-week session

Dates: June 23 to August 25; two and three week sessions available

Visit the Independent Lake Camp website for more information. 

Mandy Godbehear/Shutterstock
Mandy Godbehear/Shutterstock

Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp

This two-week Christian program, located in the stunning Sierra National Forest, offers traditional summer camp experiences mixed with faith-based activities. Campers will love the wide variety of available adventures, including water skiing, kayaking, ropes courses, backpacking, pontoon boating, crafts, archery, campfires, frisbee golf, and more. While making lifelong memories, they’ll also develop “character, relationships, skills, and faith,” according to the camp’s website.

Location: Bass Lake, California

Age Range: 8-16 years old

Dates: June 16-June 28; July 7-July 19; July 21-August 2; August 4-August 16

Price: $3,650 for two weeks

Visit the Yosemite Sierra Summer Camp website for more information.

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock
Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Offense-Defense Football Camp

Offense-Defense Football Camp has been around for more than five decades – and with good reason. According to the camp’s website, the program “puts more players in college and the NFL than any other football camp or training organization in United States.” Your child will be evaluated by camp staff, ranked by age and preferred position, and taught to build a comprehensive football profile. Non-contact or full-contact curriculums are available, as well as commuter or overnight options. Every performance level is welcome, whether your child wants to improve team dynamics or learn advanced drills.

Location: Nationwide

Age Range: 7-18 years old

Dates: Varies based on location

Price: $550 for day camp; $750 for extended day camp; $950 for sleepover camp

Visit the Offense-Defense Football Camp website for more information.

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Romiana Lee/Shutterstock

Writopia Camp

Bookworms and writers will adore Writopia Lab, a 12-day sleepaway camp in the Poconos. Published authors and playwrights host literary workshops in the morning. In the afternoon, campers take artistic electives to improve skills – think poetry hikes, role playing games, literary sports, zine making, and more. At night, activities like scavenger hunts and campfires give kids a traditional summer camp experience.

Location: Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Age Range: Rising 4th graders-rising 12th graders

Dates: August 12-23

Price: $3,675

Visit the Writopia Lab website for more information.

Emily Marie Wilson/shutterstock 
Emily Marie Wilson/shutterstock 

ADTC Summer Dance Camps

American Dance Training Camps (ADTC) offers overnight programs in seven beautiful locations across the country. Dancers of all levels will take four daily classes: basic contemporary, hip hop, jazz, and a choice of ballet, tap, or world dance. At the end of the week, they’ll participate in a recital for friends and family. Camp also includes location-specific activities like swimming, a ropes courses, white water rafting, and ice skating.

Location: North Carolina, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Vermont, California, and Maryland

Age Range: 8-17 years old

Dates: Sessions vary based on location

Price: $749-$899 for one section

Visit the ADTC website for more information.

John Noltner
John Noltner

School of Rock

Does your child fantasize about being a rockstar? Enroll them in one of School of Rock’s camps in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Hoboken! No matter his/her skill level, your child will improve skills in guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, or vocals. Fun class options include Best of 90s Rock Camp, Queen Performance Camp, 10-Day Songwriting and Recording Camp, and Led Zeppelin Camp. Most sessions end with a live rock show, where campers can show off their newfound skills.

Location: Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Hoboken

Age Range: 3-17 years old

Dates: Varies based on program

Price: Varies based on program and location

Visit the School of Rock website for more information.

Spy Camp at Camp Lohikan

Sleepaway camp Lohikan lets kids create their own schedules from the 65 different disciplines offered each day. For wannabe detectives, Spy Camp is perhaps the most intriguing. Over the course of three days, campers hone their secret-agent skills (code breaking and stealth surveillance) and participate in exciting activities (paintball, ATV riding, jet skis, and martial arts). On the final day of camp, wannabe spies are grouped into teams and given a rescue mission. "They may be uncovering a mole or defusing a bomb," says camp director Mark Buynak. "Each week we run a new session and change the scenario."

Location: Lake Como, PA

Age Range: 6 to 15 years old

Price: From $1,100 for one week to $8,400 for eight weeks

Dates: June 26 - August 18; sessions available for one, two, four, six, and eight weeks

Visit the Lohikan website for more information. 

Provided by Abigail Lorge
Provided by Abigail Lorge

Chelsea Piers Gymnastics Summer Camps

If your child loves handstands and somersaults, consider signing them up for Chelsea Piers Gymnastics Camp. Boys and girls participate in small-group training in top-notch facilities. During free time, they’ll explore New York City’s iconic Chelsea Piers. Choose between preschool, junior, or full-day programs – all of which improve current skills while teaching proper techniques. If gymnastics isn’t your child’s sport of choice, Chelsea Piers offers 15 other athletic summer camps.

Location: New York City

Age Range: 3-15 years old

Dates: Week-long programs offered between June 17 and August 30

Price: Varies based on program and age

Visit the Chelsea Piers Gymnastics Camp website for more information.

Mad Science Summer Camps

This international chain of day camps was started by two Canadian brothers who enjoyed putting on science spectaculars as kids. They're all grown-up now, and so is this summer camp program, which boasts franchises all over North America and beyond. Although offerings vary by location, all activities are hands-on and aim to educate and entertain young science lovers. Every week, campers study a different theme, which may include Rocking Rockets, where they build individual flying devices; Crazy Chem, where they get creative in the lab; Secret Agent Lab, where they become scientific sleuths; and NASA Academy of Future Space Explorer, where aspiring astronauts learn about space.

Location: Countrywide. For a list of locations, visit

Age Range: 5 to 12 years old

Price: Varies, depending on location

Dates: Varies, depending on location

Visit the Mad Scientist website for more information. 

Farm Camp

Want your kids to unplug for the summer and go back to a simpler way of life? They'll really go retro at this camp, where kids get to live – and work – on an operational 500-acre sustainable farm. All campers live a green lifestyle in the stunning but rustic setting. They'll be responsible for two chore periods a day and learn to milk cows and goats, garden, take care of horses, and feed chickens. Recreational activities include hiking, swimming, and arts and crafts. Meals are prepared using the farm-fresh food, and every Friday night there's a Barn Dance. Kids will certainly leave with a newfound appreciation for Mother Nature.

Location: Plantation, CA

Age Range: 8 to 17 years old

Price: $1,850 for one week; $3,100 for two weeks; $6,000 for four weeks

Dates: June 9 to August 17; available for one, two, and four week sessions

Visit the Farm Camp website for more information. 


Kanakuk Christian Summer Camp

While participating in over 70 summer activities – such as ziplining, wakeboarding, and sports – campers at Kanakuk grow emotionally, spiritually, socially, and physically. Parents can enroll their kids in various one-, two-, or four-week programs in beautiful Southwest Missouri. Like the 450,000 campers who attended this Christian summer camp since 1926, your kids can expect a mix of spiritual growth and outdoor adventure.

Location: Branson, Missouri

Age Range: 6-12 years old

Dates: Varies based on program

Price: $1,250 for one week; $2350 for two weeks; $4500 for four weeks

Visit the Kanakuk website for more information.


IMG Academy Baseball Camp

At this baseball summer camp from IMG Academy, all campers receive tailored instruction by expert coaches, whether they want to focus on hitting, pitching, catching, base running, infield, or outfield. Camp durations range from one weeks to 12 weeks. Kids can choose between two different programs: core (cutting-edge training) and breakthrough (personalized coaching). Additional training sessions in topics like speed, leadership, nutrition, and SAT/ACT prep are also available.

Location: Bradenton, Florida

Age Range: 10-18 years old

Dates: Many programs available

Price: From $1,379 per week

Visit the IMG Academy Baseball Camp website for more information.

Kate Roemer
Kate Roemer

Long Lake Camp for the Arts

At this fine arts summer camp, kids will learn to express themselves with their medium of choice, whether it’s painting, drawing, jewelry making, fashion design, ceramics, textile design, weaving, sculpture, puppeteering, creative writing, etc. All artwork will be displayed at the Long Lake Camp for the Arts Gallery at the end of camp. Those who aren’t interested in fine arts can enroll in other programs like improv, dance, circus, music, and more.

Location: Dobbs Ferry, New York

Age Range: 8-16 years old

Dates: Multiple sessions available

Price: $6,350 for three week sessions; $11,900 for six-week sessions

Visit the Long Lake Camp for the Arts website for more information.

Chatchada Thaprik/
Chatchada Thaprik/


Success Oriented Achievement Realized (SOAR) camp is specifically catered to children with ADHD/ADD and learning disabilities. According to the SOAR website, campers will develop life skills, social skills, and self-confidence in a positive environment. They’ll also appreciate the scenic settings with llama treks, whitewater rafting, SCUBA diving, and other location-based activities. Counselors fully understand the challenges of ADHD, ADD, and learning disabilities, so they’re fully prepared to help your child with his/her needs.

Location: California, Florida, North Carolina, the Adirondacks of New York, Wyoming, and the Caribbean Islands

Age Range: 8-25 years old

Dates: Varies based on program and location

Price: Varies based on program and location

Visit the SOAR website for more information.

Ilia Kalinkin/Shutterstock
Ilia Kalinkin/Shutterstock

Digital Media Academy

As a STEM summer camp, the Digital Media Academy caters to future designers, filmmakers, programmers, musicians, developers, engineers, animators, and creators. Colleges across the country offer the one-week or two-week camp to kids aged 7-17. Those of all skill levels are welcome, and overnight housing is available for teenage students.

Location: College campuses across the country

Age Range:  7-17 years old

Dates: Varies based on program and location

Price: Varies based on program and location

Visit the Digital Media Academy website for more information.

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