Camps are a fun way to learn a new activity or spend focused time in a favorite academic subject. Learn about different types of camps for kids of all ages and see if your child is ready for this experience.

8 Unusual Summer Camps

From fighting wizards to coordinating movie stunts to going on top-secret missions, these special camps will give your kids a memorable summer.

Happy Camper: Is Your Kid Ready for Sleepaway Camp?

Lots of kids this age love sleepaway camp, so think about whether your child is ready to pack his trunk.

Preparing for Sleepaway Camp

Tips on preparing your child for sleepaway camp.

Quiz: Is Your Child Ready for Sleep-Away Camp?

Is your child ready for a week or two (or more!) away from home, or would she be miserable and homesick the whole time? Use this 10-question quiz to help you figure out whether to try summer camp this year.

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How to Tell If Sleepaway Camp Is Right for Your Kid

Summer sleepaway can foster a kid's sense of freedom and give him a confidence boost. Here's how to get him ready.

Selecting a Summer Camp

Surf's Up Shirt

How to make a homemade, iron-on surf-print tee shirt.

5 Steps to Packing a Safe (and Enjoyable) Camp Lunch

Follow these five easy steps to make sure your kid's camp lunch is safe to eat, no matter how hot it is outside.

Happy Campers

Summer camp is a rite of passage for thousands of kids -- how to find one that's right for your child? Check our tips, and get a great go-to source to help you select the best.

Parents Gone Wild: Camps Are Banning Care Packages Due to Competition

Some overnight camps have been forced to institute a "no packages" policy as the competition among parents to send bigger and better packages has gotten out of hand.

10 Thoughts Every Mom Has on the Last Day of School

The last day of school evokes many different emotions for a mom. Let's get real about what REALLY goes through our heads as we pack that last lunch of the school year.

An Open Letter to Gwyneth Paltrow About the Magic of Summer Camp

The actress told Jimmy Kimmel she wouldn't be sending her two kids to summer camp because she "likes them," but we think she may be missing the point.

8 Ways to Get Your Kid Ready for Day Camp

Your little one might have nerves about ending the school year and starting camp. These expert tips will help you prepare for the first day.

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