This San Diego couple's love story is reminiscent of Sleepless in Seattle, thanks to their youthful matchmaker!


A girl from San Diego just proved that you're never too young to be a successful matchmaker! The 10-year-old named Shyyra Miller gets full credit for her mom Krysta Millers's love story after setting her up with teacher Jessie Wittmayer.

According to Inside Edition, Shyyra was in third grade when she met Jessie at an after-school group in 2014. She would come home chatting about her favorite teacher "Mr. Thor," a nickname she gave him, given his resemblance to the Marvel character played by Chris Hemsworth. Krysta and Jessie soon saw one another in passing, which lead to small talk, and over the course of a year, they developed a connection. Jessie asked Krysta out in October 2015, continued to date, and in March 2018, Wittmayer planned to get down on one knee.

Then, he made it happen while accompanying both Krysta and Shyyra on a sunset walk. Wittmayer first asked Shyyra if he could be her dad while presenting her with a necklace, and of course she said yes. Then he turned to Krysta and asked her to marry him.

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“When he proposed to Shyyra too I wanted to start crying," Krysta said. "Shyyra has been wanting a dad forever. Straight after he proposed she started calling him dad."

Could this trio's love story be any sweeter? Congrats to the happy family!



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