Jonita L. Davis

Jonita L. Davis
Title: Freelance Writer, Film and Culture Critic, Author
Education: Purdue University Northwest, B.A., and M.A. English
Location: Denver, CO
Expertise: Parenting, Film and TV, Social Justice, Travel

Jonita Davis is a film and culture critic, author, and freelance writer. She has been writing for 16 years on topics exploring the intersection of pop culture, identity, education, parenting, and how those relationships affect our lives as parents, women, Black women, nerds, and people of this planet. She is currently exploring many of these topics as they manifest in film and the entertainment industry.

Davis has three published books Michigan City’s Marinas (2009), Michigan City’s Washington Park (2011), and Questioning Cultural Appropriation (2018). She studied composition and criticism, earning a master’s degree from Purdue University. Davis is currently a member of the AAFCA (African American Film Critics Association), HCA (Hollywood Critics Association), IFSC (International Film Society Critics, NABJ (National Association for Black Journalists), and is a Rotten Tomatoes Independent Critic. Davis looks forward to engaging readers and directing writers to do the same as the founder and editor-at-large of The Black Cape.

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Parenting means much more than providing the staples for raising a tiny human through adulthood. It's a journey that the parents and kids embark on from birth until the end of their lives. Parenting doesn't end in adulthood, it softens and becomes more of an advisory position. I believe that parents have a unique relationship with each child and thus the nuances of parenting will differ from one child to another. That does not and should not compromise or invalidate the love a parent has for their kids.

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