Yarn Heart Card

Supply your guests with child-safe plastic needles to stitch adorable yarn cards.


Hi, my name is Eva and today we're gonna be making a beautiful yarn heart card. In order to make this card, you need these supplies: colored yarn, a regular sewing needle, a child-safe plastic needle, colored card stock, scotch tape, scissors and a heart template. To make our yarn heart card, you need to start with your card stock. This can be any color that the kids would like but since mine is kind of a little Valentine's day feel, I like this yellow with my red yarn. So what I need to do is fold my card in half and this is really fun for the kids to do. They can match up their corners and you can help them by holding it while they press down. After you've made your fold, you're just going to take your scissors and cut it in half. Now we're going to grab our heart template. You can download this template at parents.com. Place your heart template right in the middle of your card and use scotch tape to lightly hold it down. Now grab your regular sewing needle and, parents, this is your job. So what you're going to do is open up your card and you're to go along the dots and press a hole right through them. Now that we're done poking all of our holes, you're going to remove the template very carefully. And now, your little heart has been transferred onto your card. So now we're gonna start the bottom of the heart and have your child thread their needle. If they're older, they can probably do this themselves. And if not, you can thread it for them. And we're just gonna pull a little bit through and tie a knot. Once you're done tying your knot, you want about 3 feet so that you have more than enough yarn. Then you wanna tie a knot at the very end of your yarn. I like to do 2 just so it's nice and thick and it won't go through the hole, okay? And now you're gonna have your child start weaving through with their child-safe needle so you're sewing across the heart, not around the edges. It's kind of like lacing a shoe. So this is good practice for the kids. Now when you get to the point of the heart, you wanna make sure you go in and out. So we're gonna start at the same edge we just finished on right here and go up, through the point of the heart, back up through the other point. Now, once you've finished your beautiful heart like so, you wanna tie off your ends. So all you're going to do is snip off a long piece here at the end to cut your needle off and then you can tie it. Now that it's complete, you can personalize it and give it to someone you really care about. And there is your yarn heart card.

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