Play Cupid for your family this February 14 by planning your own party and setting up a few of these cute Valentine's Day games for kids of all ages.


Valentine's Day class parties and card trading at school are holiday favorites for any kid. But there are also plenty of ways to celebrate February 14 as a family if we're still social distancing come Valentine's Day 2021. Pandemic or not, there will still be heart-shaped candy, cute crafts, and the chance to play one (or all!) of these fun Valentine's Day party games. They don't require anything fancy making them perfect for a safe social-distanced holiday at home.

child holding a cut-out of a heart over her face
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Cupid Says

A fun Valentines twist on the old classic, Simon Says. Choose one player to be Cupid, then they get to call out commands to the rest of the group. But be sure to listen carefully! Players shouldn't move if they don't hear the words Cupid Says!

Minute to Win It, Valentine's Day Edition

There are countless variations to this insanely fun game. Come up with your own Valentine's Day-themed challenges, or cop some of these fun ideas from the Together as a Family blog. Either way, all you need are some simple household supplies for a hilarious game to ensue.

Heart Hunt

A great way to teach colors to early learners while having some fun, a heart hunt is one of our favorite Valentine's Day games for preschoolers. Cut out a bunch of paper hearts in different colors, then hide them all around the house or the yard for kids to find. Assign point values by color for added fun, or let the kids trade the hearts in for a sweet treat!

Cupid Wrap

Who doesn't love that bridal shower game that has teams wrapping each other in toilet paper to create a beautiful "wedding dress"? Recreate this hilarious game for kids on Valentine's Day by using red streamers. Who can make the most creative Cupid?

Musical Hearts

The Teach Mama blog brings us this fun Valentine's Day game for kids that gets their hearts pumping despite the cold weather outside. Place a bunch of hearts in a circle and have siblings or friends walk on them as music plays. When the music stops, each child will turn over their heart and perform the action written on the bottom. This one is sure to be a crowd favorite!

Toss the Heart

Buy (or make!) some heart-shaped bean bags and create your own game of Toss the Heart. There are so many fun ways to play—create a target on the ground using tape or sidewalk chalk, create your own Skee-ball setup, or simply turn on some music and play heart hot potato!

Valentine's Day Bingo

There isn't a kid on the planet that doesn't get excited to finally win a round of Bingo. That's why this sweet version from Playground Park Bench is on our list of the best Valentine's Day games for kids. Two different versions of the game (one with words and one with only colors) make this a suitable activity for a range of ages.