Instructions for making a cute Valentine's Day card using Lifesavers.


-Hi, I'm Debbie Way from Family Fun, here to show you how to make a Valen-timepiece for classmates and friends. Kids always appreciate a Valentine's Day craft that's fun, creative, and not too savvy. To make this craft, you'll need a card stock, a stapler, Lifesavers, a permanent marker, clear tape, glue dots, and scissors. Cut the card stock into strips about 6-1/2 inches long and 3/4-inch wide. Cut one end into a point. Punch three staples into the other end of the strip. Fold back the excess wrapper of the Lifesavers and tape it in place. Draw a clock face on the Lifesaver. Attach it to the center of the strip with a glue dot. Write a message, like, it's time for candy. To wear the watch, flip the pointed end under one of the staples. Watch out! You've got a cool Valentine's Day card you can wear.

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