What better way to tell someone you care than with sugar? 

Skittles Love Mix
Credit: Courtesy of Target and Skittles

Sure, Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance—but what about indulging? Not to be all bah-love bug, but February 14th is also a celebration around treating yourself and others to the things we adore, yet don’t always get the pleasure of having. So, whether you have a special someone or wish to spend the day gal-entines style or celebrating with your L.O.'s, Target knows we deserve to be spoiled in the best way: with a bag of Skittles Love Mix.

This Target exclusive is the perfect blend of Skittle's sweetest flavors, because bitter isn’t a good look on Valentine’s Day. With cherry, strawberry, white grape, yumberry, and watermelon no digging for the best flavor is needed—they are all satisfying.

Visually, the Skittles Love Mix makes the perfect gift. Toss these white, red, and pink candies in a cute jar and let the display of colors speak for themselves. Not to mention an 11oz bag at Target will only cost you $2.50, but still goes a long way. (I think we can all agree that Valentine’s Day is not the holiday for breaking the bank.)

Ladies, we all struggle with the fact that men aren’t always into jewelry and stuffed animals—the right candy choice is the best way to go as far as gifts are concerned. Plus, if he is a gentleman he will happily share.

The Skittles Love Mix is a one size fits all kind of product perfect for spreading the love—but it's not the only Valentine's Day option out there. For the few souls who aren't into Skittles, you can also find Hershey’s Cupcake KissesReese’s Peanut Butter Love Bugs, Ghirardelli Valentine’s White Chocolate Crème Brulee, and Dove Caramel Milk Chocolate Love Notes all at Target. You can't go wrong with these cupid-approved goodies.