Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Craft: Fun Ties and Bowties

Kids can turn their friends into flashy dressers with these easy-to-make, no-sew ties.


[MUSIC] You'll need: 1/2 yard sparkly fabric, scissors, elastic cord, and duct tape. Cover the back of the fabric with duct tape. Draw a tie shape on the back, with a 1-inch tab at the top. Cut it out. Knot a 24-inch length of cord. Fold tab over and tape in place. Mark and cut out a 6 1/2-by 3-inch rectangle. Mark and cut out a 1 1/2-by 1/2-inch rectangle. Gather the large rectangle at the center and wrap it with the smaller piece. Tape to hold. Thread the tie with a 24-inch elastic cord and knot the ends.

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