Free Valentine Printables

How to Make Clay Play Hearts
Download these fun Valentines to give to your kids -- or anyone you love.
Avery Powell
Avery Powell

Lunch Laughs

Attach a heart-y joke to her lunch bag! Cut out a tag and fold on the dashed line so the joke is in front and the punch line on the back. Then, punch 2 staples in the bag tag to complete the 2 arrows.

Avery Powell
Avery Powell

Game of Love

Use Valentine candy as markers to play Bingo with these special cards on February 14th!

Avery Powell
Avery Powell

Sweet Deals

Print out these coupons, fill them out with a promise for ice cream, a trip to the toy store, or just a hug, and give to your kid on V Day.

Avery Powell
Avery Powell

Love Forecast

This classic fortune teller got an upgrade from Cupid.

What you'll need Printer, printer paper, scissors

Make it:
1. Print and cut out fortune teller.
2. With design facedown, fold square in half to make a rectangle; unfold. Fold in half in the other direction to make another rectangle; unfold.
3. Fold 2 points together to form a triangle; unfold. Fold the other 2 points together; unfold.
4. With design facedown, fold 4 points into the center.
5. Keep folded, flip over, and fold in the 4 points.
6. Fold in half to form a rectangle to deepen the crease; unfold. Repeat and fold in the opposite direction into a rectangle. Deepen the crease and unfold.
7. Push 4 corners together, and slip your thumbs and forefingers into the compartments to complete your fortune teller.

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Have fun molding heart pendants, pins, and magnets from air-dry clay to spread the Valentine’s Day love.

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