How to Make Waffle Heart Sandwiches

Break out the waffle iron for these scrumptious sandwiches that will make Valentine's Day a little bit sweeter.


For Valentine's Day this year, instead of tons of candy and food coloring, we're gonna make healthy, delicious, heart-shaped waffle sandwiches with their favorite spreads. So Frankie and Chloe are here, and they're gonna show us how to do it. They took regular whole-wheat sandwich bread, and using their cookie cutters-- -Mama, I'm wanna do another one-- -You're gonna do another one? -This one's not good. It has to be like a bottom. -Totally understand. So they're using their heart-shaped cookie cutter to push right through the bread, and then they're putting their favorite toppings on. Frankie, what do you have here? -Oh. -Honey. You want peanut butter? -No. -No? You want raspberry preserves? -Yeah. -Okay. You're trying to keep it really festive, so you wanna use things like red and white. So fresh raspberries, raspberry preserves, strawberry preserves, anything like that is gonna be perfect in the sandwich. And unlike other sandwiches that you just put the bread together, we're gonna make this into waffle sandwiches, so that the bread becomes crusty. Can I help you? Watch. I'll teach you a trick. Even if you cut it through like that, you just do this and shakey-shakey one more time, and what do you get? -[unk]. -A heart. -Heart. Heart. -So, once-- -Heartbeat. -Heartbeat. -All right. You wanna put these sandwiches together. And don't throw away your crust-- -Mama. -'cause you can turn these later into breadcrumbs by putting them right into a food processor. So our little chefs get to work, and -[unk]. -And we're gonna-- when they finish putting everything in their sandwiches, we're gonna put it into a waffle iron. You can also use a Panini press and sandwich them together for about two to three minutes until the bread is nice and golden and toasty. -Open-- -Open sesame. Do these look like Valentine's Day treats? All right. Let's [unk]. This one's for Chloe. -Yeah. -And this one's for Frankie. We're gonna let them cool down just for a few minutes, but you guys, isn't this so much better than candy? -I want some of that my side. -Yeah. -You want some of what? -Yeah. -The scrapies? -Yeah. -Okay, well, I'll get that. So we're gonna let this cool. We're gonna eat, and we're gonna just love each other, right, 'cause it's Valentine's Day? So we'll all have a big Valentine's Day hug? -Can I have a hug and a kiss, Chloe? Sorry, close of the [unk] sandwich. What about the love? For more [unk] like this, check out Don't forget to leave a comment below and subscribe.

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