How to Make Strawberry Milk

Whipping up homemade strawberry milk for Valentine's Day is as easy as three ingredients and a blender.


-I like pink milk. -Do tigers like pink milk? -No. -Does Chloe like pink milk? -Yeah. -I like pink milk. -Yeah. -You wanna make pink milk. -Yes I do. -Do you know how to make pink milk? -No. -Should we figure it out? -Yes. -To Chloe, my favorite characters are, who are they? -Charlie and Lola -Charlie and Lola and in this book they make, what do they make to drink? -Strawberry milk. -And when we're ringing up for the first time Chloe said I want strawberry milk and I was like I don't wanna buy her this stuff in the carton, the pre-packaged pink, dyed, sugary stuff but how can we make homemade strawberry milk? So this is what recipe that Chloe and I came up with together to make strawberry milk, so take your real mouth off that. First let's pour this in, can you help me pour it in? And you can use any kind of milk you want. What kind of milk do you like Chloe? -Canned milk. -And what kind of milk does Kenya like? -Chocolate. -He does like chocolate. Does he like rice milk? Almond milk? Low fat? Skim? You can use anything you want. And this is a great recipe obviously to make with your kids 'cause it's only two to three ingredients depending on how sweet you want it. -Mommy, can I drink it? -Sure and then I've got some defrosted frozen strawberries. These are organic. I found that when I made this with the frozen, it was actually a lot more red and that way you can make in a winter or all year-round. If you have beautiful fresh strawberries in the summer. -I wanna pour it. -Guess what you get to do, watch this, you ready? Come here, up and then wait. One squeeze of this, can you give me this? It's depending on how sweet your strawberries are. -No, no, no, no. -You can add a little bit of agave or sugar. Go muscles! Go muscles! Perfect, just like a tablespoon, so you got a cup of milk, three quarters of cup of strawberries defrosted and a little bit of agave or sugar. This one, watch it go. Want to drive the control? What do you think, that's good enough? It's like frosty, foamy, tons of protein and calcium from milk. -I wanna pour it! I wanna pour it. -Okay, so I then you can pour it and vitamin C from the strawberries, making this a perfect morning drink. Morning? -I wanna pour it. -Anytime of the day right? Okay there you go, Chloe do it first. -This is nothing like the¿ -Mommy. -The cartons of strawberry milk you would buy at the grocery, this is fresh, creamy, nutritious, delicious strawberry milk, ching ching. -Ching ching. -What would Charlie and Lola and the tigers think? -Where's the straw? -You know what I like to do? Watch this. What's that? -Strawberry milk. -What strawberry milk is that? For more fast, fresh and easy recipes like this and more, check out

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