How to Make Kiss-y Fishy Valentines

Make a clever and cute fish Valentine using heart-shaped paper punches and colorful paper. Make a whole school of fish for everyone in the class!


[MUSIC] How to make kiss-y fishy Valentines. You will need: scrapbook paper, hole punch, black paper, glue stick, construction paper, and heart punches. Punch out various sizes of hearts (or cut by hand). Punch holes out of black paper. Overlap the tops of two larger hearts o form the fishy's body. Glue together with glue stick. Glue smaller hearts to the top and bottom for fins. Bend smaller heart in half. Turn fish over and glue on to form a side fin. Glue heart to back of fish for a tail fin. Glue tiny heart to fish's mouth to form lips. Glue on black dot to dive your fish an eye. Glue fish to construction paper. Glue tiny hearts to paper to make bubbles. For more Valentine's Day videos, visit 

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