How to Make Heartfelt Valentines

Say "I love you" with an adorable Valentine's Day card made out of craft paper and googly eyes.


"I love you" is definitely the most popular Valentine's catch phrase. Here is an easy-to-make card that says those 3 little words that everyone loves to hear. For this project, you'll need glue, scissors, a 3-quarter inch round paper punch, 20-millimeter googly eyes, a ruler, a pencil, pattern craft paper, brown craft paper and adhesive foam squares. Take your craft-colored card stock and cut it into 2 by 6-inch pieces and then just fold them in half to make 2 by 3-inch cards. Round the open corners with your scissors. This step is optional, but it makes a nice finishing touch. Use your paper punch to create a hole about a half inch down from the top of the card and a half inch in from the fold. Lightly trace the hole onto the inside of the card so you know where to glue your googly eye. Then, open the card and glue it into place. Let it dry. Cut out a tall, skinny heart about 1 inch tall by 3-quarter inches wide and attach it to the front of the card right next to the eye with an adhesive foam square. This adds a little height to the heart. Use a colored pencil or marker to write "you" next to the heart. And now, the front of your card says, "I love you". Have your kids draw a cute smiley face or a funny character on the inside of the card. Because these cards are so easy to make, they make the perfect card for your kids to pass out to all their friends and family.

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