The upscale sugar emporium is now available at Target for a great price this Valentine's Day.

By Lauren Pardee
February 05, 2018

Dylan’s Candy Bar, the Willy Wonka-esque boutique candy retailer, has paired exclusively with Target to create an assortment of Valentine’s Days goodies perfect for impressing your love. Reminiscent of your local childhood candy shop fare, each traditional sweet treat is on theme for celebrating romance—sugar rush guaranteed.

With 11 items to choose from ranging between $1.99 and $9.99, your Valentine will feel spoiled without you breaking the bank. We taste-tested a few of the products to ensure your crush is getting the best on February 14th, and here is what we found:

Dylan's Candy Bar Valentine's Day Rectangle Tackle Box comes stacked with the must-haves. From red foil wrapped chocolate hearts, rainbow sour bricks, gummy cherry red and white nonpareils, gummy bears, cherry jelly hearts, and gumballs, your Valentine gets to have it all and is hopefully willing to share.

Dylan's Candy Bar Valentine's Day Red Velvet and Milk Chocolate Bar is melt in your mouth good. The subtle red velvet flavoring tastes like your favorite cupcake—but better, because chocolate! With its cute pink label dressed in colorful hearts, this chocolate bar is almost too pretty to unwrap—emphasis on the almost.

Dylan's Candy Bar Valentine's Day Mug comes stuffed with chocolate hearts wrapped in purple or red tin-foil. Perfect for the coffee lover in your life, the colorful mug is just one part of the fun—inside are mouthwatering caramel treats that pair well with a steaming, hot brew.

Dylan's Candy Bar Valentine's Day Popping Lollipop is every Pop Rocks lover’s dream. The giant, heart-shaped lollipop comes with extra candy for dipping, that way you are always guaranteed an explosion of flavor. This fun twist on a classic candy will bring you right back to your childhood after one lick.

Dylan's Candy Bar Valentine's Day Donut Plush with Gummy Candy is better than your average teddy-bear gift. The fun, stuffed donut with heart sprinkles comes with a package of gummy candy donuts and ice cream cones—both items make whimsical gifts, perfect for standing out.

Valentine's Day Dylan's Hangry Mix Gummy Bag is perfect for the foodie in your life. This flavorful collection of gummy cola bottles, hamburgers, and french fries is a cute, out of the box gift for the fast-food obsessed.

Although each candy option is completely different from the rest, they all uphold the high standards of Dylan’s Candy Bar products. There is no lack of creativity and flavor throughout this collection—anyone on the receiving end of these gifts will find themselves feeling extra loved this Valentine's Day.


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