7 Best Date Night Subscription Boxes for Parents

If you're over putting the kids to bed then ordering delivery and bingeing Netflix, you and your S.O. might want to check out these smart, sweet, and romantic subscription boxes perfect for pandemic living.

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If the idea of having a "date night" with your S.O. sounds completely absurd or just downright impossible right now, you're far from alone. We're 12 months into a pandemic in which necessary social distancing has limited our date possibilities significantly. That said, you probably consider it a win if you're occasionally able to order from your favorite restaurant and binge a show together once the kids are asleep.

Enter date night subscription boxes, which are making it easier to switch things up. We rounded up a few fun options that are perfect for tired parents—AKA the people who will probably be most appreciative that someone else is planning their date night for a change.

1. DateBox Club

DateBox Club offers various subscriptions based on how many boxes—and therefore, date nights—you want to "go on" a month. Each one includes everything you need for a date that's aimed at getting you laughing, connecting, and communicating. Boxes are always themed and revolve around things like a DIY project, a game, cooking activity (their February 2020 box included a chocolate fondue kit), or a couple's challenge. They'll also often include a thoughtful gift, treats, communication exercises, or other surprises. Shop here

2. Happily Datebox

Happily's Dateboxes include new activities, custom games, and conversation starters in an effort to make date night effortless for couples. You also fill out a questionnaire before you get your first box (arriving around the 15th of every month) so the company can understand you as a couple and plan the perfect date. Reviewers on the Happily site say the Datebox made it possible for them to have "probably our best date since before we were Momma and Dad! We made ice cream, took dance lessons, jammed to a few playlists, and [played] a card game to see who knew who better." Shop here

Crated With Love
Crated With Love

3. Crated With Love

Focused on laughter and helping busy couples strengthen their relationships, these date night boxes are themed and come with the option to tack on a digital package featuring weekly extra date night and relationship-building content. Current themes include retro game show, arcade night, zombie apocalypse, and mystery date night. Shop here

4. Adults & Crafts

If you want to get creative and crafty with your love, check out this monthly subscription box that delivers all the materials, tools, and instructions you need to create an engaging and useful craft together. In September, they sent out a weave and loom craft. Other projects all sound practical and pretty: a wine caddy, a clockmaking kit, and cement planters. Shop here

4. Date Night In

Every monthly Date Night In box offers interactive activities, accessories, snacks or mixers, a chef-curated dinner menu and recipes, and more to create a whole date night experience around a curated theme. One box transported subscribers to the '80s and '90s with a Truth, Dare or Karaoke challenge, DIY freeze pops, and throwback trivia. Another was pegged to the Roaring 1920s in Paris. Shop here

Fantasy Box
Fantasy Box

5. The Fantasy Box

If you want a box that's geared more toward fun in the bedroom, check out The Fantasy Box, which is exactly what it sounds like. Every monthly box delivers clothes, toys, and other accessories you need to make your daydream a reality. You can choose from different levels—platinum, classic, and essentials—depending on how many products you want to receive. You can also customize a box or choose one that hinges on a particular fantasy, like "Bath for Two" or "Indoor Picnic." Shop here

Modern Love Box
Modern Love Box

6. Modern Love

Aimed at inspiring couples to keep things hot, the Modern Love Box urges you to provide some details about your partner and your relationship when you sign up. Then, at the start of every season, you get a box filled with luxury products (think: journals, lotions, body paint, quizzes, games, or even a vibrating bullet) meant to help you take your communication and pampering of one another to the next level. They also offer a digital-only option with content created by a relationship therapist. Shop here

Unbox Love
Unbox Love

7. Unbox Love

Every month the Unbox Love team designs a date filled with activities that are meant to help couples to learn about each other, experience something new together, and make memories. Past boxes have included games and accessories pegged to brain teasers, getting stuck on a desert island together, or an escape room experience. You can opt for a three, six, or annual 12-month subscription plan. Shop here

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