Sewn Candy Pouches

Learn how to make decorative candy pouches.

Sewn Candy Pouches
Peter Ardito

What you'll need 4 1/4"x 5 1/2" pre-cut scallop cards (20 cards,; $7), hole punch, scissors

thin ribbon, small cellophane bags, conversation hearts

Make it:

1. Put one card on top of another. Using the scallops as a guide, punch evenly spaced holes around the outer edge of the cards.

2. Fold the top card in half; cut a half heart at the fold. Unfold the card and place it back on top of the other.

3. Weave ribbon through holes, starting at the center top. Leave a 5"-long tail hanging from the starting point. Stitch around the card until you reach the last hole on the bottom corner. Set it aside.

4. Fill a cellophane bag smaller than your cards with one layer of hearts. Tuck bag in between the two cards so that the candies are visible through the cut-out.

5. Finish weaving until you reach the first hole. Bring the thin ribbon through this hole and tie ribbon ends in a bow.

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