How to Make Clay Play Hearts

Have fun molding heart pendants, pins, and magnets from air-dry clay to spread the Valentine'€™s Day love.


Kids love to make anything out of clay. Shape this super fun material into conversation hearts to make pins, necklaces and magnets for Valentine's Day. For this project, you'll need stays on ink pads, letter stamps, gel food coloring, wooden coffee stirs, scissors, white air-dry clay, craft paper, a chopstick, a pencil, think string, pinbacks, magnets, glue and the template printed from So, we're using Model Magic air-dry clay. First, you wanna just roll it into a ball about the size of a ping pong ball. Then, make a little indention with your finger and add just 1 drop of gel food coloring. Close it up and work it in by kneading the ball like this until the color is really mixed throughout. Just keep moving it around. Your hands are definitely gonna get messy, but your kids will love watching the color spread through the white clay. So, to make the heart, flatten the ball so it's about a quarter inch thick. Grab your scissors and cut the disc into a heart shape and then just play with it a little to smooth the edges. Round the top. Make it look like the heart you want it to look like. With this amount of clay, your heart should come out to be about 2 by 2 inches. Next, lightly tap your letter stamp into the ink pad and press really delicately into the clay. You don't need a lot of pressure and you don't need a lot of ink. Too much of either will make your letters look sloppy. There are a bunch of things you can do with these hearts. The first thing we're gonna do is make a magnet. To add a little touch of Cupid, we're gonna put an arrow through our heart. Take your arrow template and trace it onto the pattern craft paper and just cut out those 2 shapes. Grab your coffee stirrer and trim it down to about 5 inches or so. Then, glue the arrow pieces to either end. Break off an additional piece of clay about the size of a lima bean. Flatten it out with your fingers and use it to attach the stick to the back of the heart. This clay takes about 3 days to dry completely. And then, you can just add a magnet to the back. To turn your heart into a necklace charm, use a chopstick to pierce a hole in the heart at the top. Again, you need to allow it to dry for about 3 days before threading it on to some string. You can also add a pinback to a dried heart to make a playful brooch.

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