Delight your child’s friends with these adorable greetings made from school supplies—they’re as easy as A-B-C!

Valentines School Supplies Erasers Sweet Rides
Credit: Dane Tashima

Sweet Rides

Transform a pink eraser into a race car with washi tape, two pieces cut from a black plastic straw for wheels, and enamel dot stickers for headlights ($4 for 60). You can cut another eraser to make the top of the car. Then, have your child color in a windshield with a silver paint pen. Attach the top of the car and wheels with double-stick tape. Use more tape to attach the racer to a piece of cardstock marked with your message.

Valentines School Supplies Pencil Flags
Credit: Dane Tashima

Write Idea

Cut a piece of colored lined paper (about 5”x 1”) and wrap it around the eraser end of a pencil, securing the paper with glue. Snip the glued paper into a flag shape for the note.

Valentines School Supplies Love Monster Paper Clips
Credit: Dane Tashima

Love Monsters

Wrap a small piece of wool roving (Clover Natural Wool Roving, $4.50) around one end of a paper clip; put a small dab of glue inside the wrapped material to secure. Glue on googly eyes and heart stickers to create the face.

Valentines School Supplies Caterpillar Ruler
Credit: Dane Tashima

Caterpillar Cutie

Cut a piece of colored poster board to 2”x 20”. Fold the paper accordion-style every 2 inches. With scissors, round the corners of each 2” section to make the accordion sections into a circle, but don’t cut completely through the folds. Cut a 1.5”x ¼” rectangular slit in the middle of all the circles, except for the end one. Slide the folded poster board over a ruler, unfolding as you go. The uncut circle should point down (this will be the face). Have your child decorate with stickers and chenille stems, and write a message on washi tape.

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