Learn how to make cute clay play hearts.

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Clay pins, magnets, or pendants
Credit: Peter Ardito

What you'll need White Crayola Model Magic ($8; amazon.com), gel food coloring, scissors, small letter stamps, StazOn inkpads ($9; stampington.com), pinbacks, glue, arrow templates from parents.com/arrow, pencil, cardstock paper in solids or prints (American Crafts 6"x6" Paper Pad. $5.99; americancrafts.com), wooden coffee stirrers, adhesive magnet squares, chopstick, string

Make it:

1. Roll a ping-pong-size ball of Model Magic. Make a divot with your finger and add a drop of food coloring in the center. Knead to evenly spread the color.

2. Flatten the ball until it is 1/4" thick; cut the disc into a heart shape. Use your fingers to smooth and round the edges.

3. Lightly tap your letter stamps into ink and gently press letters into Model Magic heart. Let heart dry per package instructions.

4. Pin: Glue pinback to back of dried heart. Let glue dry

5. Magnet: Cut out templates, and trace onto cardstock. Cut out. Trim a wooden coffee stirrer to about 5" long and glue the arrow and feather shapes to either end. Pinch off a pea-sized ball of Model Magic and glue the coffee stirrer between it and back of heart. Let glue and heart dry and adhere magnet to the back.

6. Necklace: Poke a hole in the center top of the heart with a chopstick. Let dry then thread onto string.

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