Help your child decorate the perfect gift.

What You'll Need

  • Glass jars (such as spice, jam, or condiment containers)
  • Construction, scrapbook, or wrapping paper
  • Heart hole-punch
  • Safety scissors
  • Decorative stickers and rubber stamps
  • Pen or pencil
  • Double-sided tape or glue stick
  • Various kinds of candy
  • Scraps of fabric
  • String, yarn, twine, or rubber bands
  1. Gather empty glass jars or containers from your kitchen. Have your child wash, rinse, and dry each jar. If the jar has a label, moisten it with water so that it peels off. (Alternatively, you can purchase jars and other containers at
  2. Have your child use a heart hole-punch or safety scissors to cut hearts out of construction, scrapbook, or wrapping paper. Let your child decorate the jar by taping or gluing the hearts to the glass in any pattern she wishes. Encourage her to add to the design using stickers, rubber stamps, or other materials.
  3. On a sheet of paper, have your child write a valentine message for the recipient. Ask her to place it in the jar, underneath or attached to the outside of the jar?s lid, or at the bottom of the jar on the inside or outside. Tape or glue the message onto the jar.
  4. Have your child fill the container with red, white, and pink candy for festive Valentine?s Day wishes or with candy the recipient especially likes.
  5. To secure the contents of the jar or container, shut the cap tightly or use safety scissors to cut a scrap of fabric and fasten it with string, yarn, or a rubber band over the mouth of the jar. Encourage your child to give the candy container to a teacher, a classmate, her grandparents, or someone else sweet in her life.