Learn how to make silly heartfelt valentines.
I Love You Cards
Credit: Peter Ardito

What you'll need Scissors, glue, 2"x 6" pieces of kraft cardstock, colored pencils, 20mm googly eyes, 3/4" round paper punch, adhesive foam squares, ruler, patterned craft paper (6" x 6" pad; americancrafts.com)

Make it:

1. Fold the cardstock in half lengthwise. Punch a hole as shown with punch; trace the hole onto the inside of the card and glue a googly eye in this circle. Let dry.

2. Round corners of card. Cut a tall heart shape from patterned craft paper, about 1"x 3/4". Attach to right of the hole on outside of card with an adhesive foam square.

3. Write the word you next to the heart. Open the card and draw a funny face or character around the googly eye.

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