Heartfelt Valentines

Learn how to make silly heartfelt valentines.

Say "I love you" with an adorable Valentine's Day card made out of craft paper and googly eyes.

Peter Ardito

What you'll need Scissors, glue, 2"x 6" pieces of kraft cardstock, colored pencils, 20mm googly eyes, 3/4" round paper punch, adhesive foam squares, ruler, patterned craft paper (6" x 6" pad; americancrafts.com)

Make it:
1. Fold the cardstock in half lengthwise. Punch a hole as shown with punch; trace the hole onto the inside of the card and glue a googly eye in this circle. Let dry.
2. Round corners of card. Cut a tall heart shape from patterned craft paper, about 1"x 3/4". Attach to right of the hole on outside of card with an adhesive foam square.
3. Write the word you next to the heart. Open the card and draw a funny face or character around the googly eye.

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