We asked you (our readers!) and received encouraging, joyful, heartfelt, and inspiring stories.
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What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving and all year round? You are thankful for the blessings of children, husbands, friends, health, and more. Thank you for sharing such personal and poignant stories with us -- we are thankful to have such faithful and active readers. Read the amazing stories of gratitude and then share your own around the holiday table.

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I'm thankful for miracle babies...

After being told we would never have kids, then losing twins at six months, I am thankful for my son and my daughter! We proved the doctors wrong not once but twice! - Heather Ciemnoczolowski Rohde

I'm thankful for the unexpected, rare, identical triplet boys my husband and I are blessed to have. Today, they are 4-1/2 years old and we are still trying to figure out how and why we were given triplets. - Dee Postemski

After having five miscarriages, I am thankful to have been blessed with three beautiful, delicious, energetic boys.

I'm really thankful for the advanced medical technology that saved my preemie baby who was born at 25 weeks and weighed only less than 800 mg at birth. I still remember the first time I saw him in the incubator with all the lifesaving wires attached to his body. I'm really thankful that the doctors and nurses didn't give up. - Yvonne Tan

I am blessed with a beautiful baby girl who was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and had two open-heart surgeries and two heart catheterizations. She still needs another open-heart surgery, but she is the happiest, busiest, and funniest baby I've ever seen! She inspires me to appreciate the life we are given and enjoy every day I have with her. I've met so many amazing moms and dads of children with similar problems and I've cried for babies that just didn't make it. It all makes me thank God that he has blessed me with such an amazing daughter. - cogolicious

​I'm thankful for my children...

I am thankful to see my 21-month-old already using the manners we have taught him. Goes to show that children do respond when they hear please, thank you, and other kind words. As a teacher, I hear too often about children who have no idea how to speak respectfully to others. - Laura Elizabeth Dunn Krcmar

A few years ago, we spent Thanksgiving in the hospital, while my beautiful 6-year-old girl was having more than 100 seizures a day. Her seizures are now fairly stable and she is healthy, happy, and loving life. Every morning she tells me she loves me and I thank God for this wonderful gift. - Maria Ueland Gibbons

We are thankful for our beautiful and well-tempered daughter, Rori. A lot of our friends with children seem to have health problems or they complain about their children's tempers. Our 13-month-old has been a blessing for us and we can't wait to welcome another baby to our family someday! - caitnick1

I am thankful for my adopted daughter and my biological son. My 10-year-old daughter chooses every day to love me in return. She has not once ever uttered the words, "I hate you" or "I don't have to listen to you. You're not my mother!" Instead, she thanks me for being the best mommy that I can be. She is the most beautiful girl that I know, inside and out. My 3-year-old son wasn't supposed to be, but now I have a handsome little red-headed firecracker who proves that doctors are not, in fact, God. My son taught me what it meant to never give up and my daughter taught me that blood doesn't mean family. - Jackie Tinsley

Today I am thankful for God's love and for the opportunity to love my good friend's infant son, who only has hours left on this earth. - Molly Lee

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I'm thankful for the joys of motherhood...

I'm thankful for my sense of humor, so I can laugh at people staring at the tiny chocolate handprints on my chest and the snot on my shoulder. (I'm also very thankful for my washing machine.) - Katie Cannon Dixon

My 13-month-old daughter is constantly growing and learning, and I am thankful that she is teaching me how to be a good mom. "Be like a child" means being humble, innocent, and willing to keep moving on no matter what trials we face. She is my hero. I am so thankful to have been given the chance to be a mother. - Amber Sullivan

Only four days after I gave birth to my daughter, Flynn, I was in a serious car accident. After four surgeries, and with one more to go, I am thankful every day to be alive and to watch her grow into the beautiful little girl that she is! - Caitlin Kane

​I'm thankful for my supportive husband...

While my husband was deployed, I almost lost my life giving birth to my second child. I am thankful to see her turn 1 and to see her brother turn 2. Plus, he will be by our side this year for the holidays. - Patricia Xavier Burns

My husband is an amazing man, and right now he's stationed in Bahrain. We've been married for four and a half years and we have two beautiful sons. Since their births, he's put them first. I know he often dreams of the day he can sleep in a bed without tiny feet kicking him in the face or the day he can get that new sports car, instead of the minivan that fits our gigantic car seats, but with a smile he tickles tiny feet every night and sings the ABCs in the minivan. I always remember how lucky we are and how thankful I should be! - Ashley Holloway Bassner

I'm thankful for my husband and my daughter. My husband for serving in the military and sacrificing for us. He will be missed so much during the holidays. My daughter for being here while he is gone. She is the piece of him I get to keep with me always. - Amanda Baugh

Even though my husband has just been diagnosed with MS, he doesn't let that stop him from playing with our son on days when he's tired. I feel blessed that our marriage is strong enough to get through something so life-changing. I am also very thankful for my son who brings such joy to me, my husband, and anyone who meets him. - Desiree Cook

​I'm thankful for friends and family...

We had three deaths in the family last fall, back to back. I know now, more than ever, to never take family and loved ones for granted. I am thankful for my family, our health, and love. - Alexa Rivera Milks

I'm thankful for sweet kisses and hugs from my two children (my miracles) and for the love I feel when my baby daughter says, "Momma," and when my son says he thanks God for picking me to be his mom. I'm also thankful for my husband. He works so hard to provide for us. I'm also thankful to my parents for giving me life and loving me every step in my life. Each of us have many blessings in life and it's the small things -- some good coffee, a cozy chair, a blanket, and a Parents magazine to read -- that count and that make life wonderful. - Tiffney Pedersen

I am thankful for the 18 years that I had with my father before he passed away! He was the best dad in the entire world, and I only wish he is here today to meet his beautiful granddaughter! He would have been head over heels in love with her! Just be thankful for what you have every single day. - Corbin's Closet

I married my high school sweetheart and we have a 2-year-old daughter and another baby girl on the way! I am thankful for the health of my family and for the time spent with them. Many people complain about their problems way too much! I used to be one of those people, but I realized you have to take what life throws at you and make the best of it. It can get hard at times, but with an amazing family and some awesome true friends, you will get through it. - Beth Robers

I'm thankful for people who changed my life...

I'm thankful for my au pair who is great with my son. I know he's in good hands while I'm at work! - Heike Doerr

I'm very thankful for my neurologist, Dr. Marden in Brainerd, Maine. She found the problem that has been making me miserable after several years of X-rays, MRIs, pokes, and probes. I'm suffering from a very rare genetic blood disease called porphyria. I am very blessed to be under the care of so many caring, well-educated staff members at the Mayo Clinic. I am treated like a family member and not a number. Thank you, Dr. Marden and the staff at Mayo. I'm so blessed and thankful for your hearts of gold! - LeeAnne Marie Eklund

I'm thankful for my beautiful 4-month-old son, Zachary, who was born with a cleft lip and palate. I'm thankful for my husband, our families and friends, and the great doctors and nurses who have helped us with everything and been nothing but supportive! - Heather Lilly

​I'm thankful for being happy and healthy...

I am thankful for finishing six months of chemo for Hodgkin's lymphoma at 31 years old while raising a happy 4-year-old and sweet 3-month-old. I'm looking forward to celebrating with clear scans! - Jamie Pace Edmonds

Last month my children's schoolmate was diagnosed with leukemia. Our community rallied to raise money for her medical bills and to give support to the family. I'm so thankful that I live in a community where it really does take a village and that, so far, my four kids are healthy and happy. Little else matters. - Shauna Espinoza

I am thankful for healthy recovery from a bilateral breast biopsy and for my beautiful daughter (her endless laughs and smiles each day). Also, I'm thankful for the wonderful support of a giving family and community members doing good things. - Jacquelynvalen

​I'm thankful for the everyday things in life...

We take so much for granted. Here are a few things I give thanks for: The health of my children; waking up each day and being able; clean, running water to bathe, drink, and cook with; a dependable car; and being able to pay my bills and finances. I am thankful for everything, including the ups and the downs. - Rebekah Newsome

We are going through a big struggle: We are losing our home, we have three weeks to move, and we have no money and nowhere to go. But we are healthy, full of love, and strong as a family! I'm thankful for God and his strength and for how we pull together when facing hard times. I'm thankful to those who donated to us so we can have a huge sale and raise money to find a new place. I'm thankful for the hugs, laughter, and spiritual guidance others brought our way. I'm just thankful for how everyone helps us stay on the bright side of things! - Michelle Davis

I am thankful for so many things: God's love, family, friends, my health, my cell phone, a roof over my head, warm showers, hot meals, and my pillow. - Yajaira Enamorado