10 Thanksgiving Games Kids (and Adults) Will Gobble Up This Turkey Day

From Mad Libs to bean bag tosses, we rounded up some fun Thanksgiving games for kids. You can find the perfect one for everyone on your guest list, young and old.

As long as the table is full of everyone's favorite holiday foods, you can expect plenty of smiles this Thanksgiving. But if you want to add some extra laughs to the mix (and couldn't we all use that?), consider playing some fun Thanksgiving games for kids and families. Whether you want a quick and easy game to help pass the time before dinner or a group game that'll have everyone laughing their heads off post-feast, here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving games that your family will love playing throughout the day.

Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Reinvent everyone's favorite car game for Turkey Day when you play Thanksgiving Mad Libs. Whether you buy this printable or brainstorm your own zany fill-in-the-blank stories, there's a good chance kids of all ages will want to join in on this giggle-inducing Thanksgiving game.

Guess How Many

There are many variations of this game, and it's a great way to teach school-aged kids about estimating. Fill a jar with candy corn, acorns, or any other fall-themed item, then let each dinner guest write down how many they think are in the jar. The person with the closest guess is the winner—candy, dibs on the first piece of pie, or a yummy fall-scented candle make for great prizes.

Thanksgiving I Spy

I Spy can help kids pass the time while you're putting the final touches on dinner. And this fun Thanksgiving game is worth the advance planning—simply have a stack of these printable cards at the table so everyone can join the hunt for turkeys, acorns, and pumpkin pie.

Thankful Alphabet Game

Of course, Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, so put a fun spin on giving thanks by going around the table listing things you're grateful for in alphabetical order. As each person adds to the list, the next person has to remember what's already been listed (in order) and add their own.

Thanksgiving Bean Bag Toss

Have a few super active little turkeys at home? Make your own Thanksgiving bean bag toss to help them get out energy! Simply take some strong cardboard, paint a Thanksgiving scene, like pumpkins or a cornucopia, then cut holes so the kids can toss bean bags into them.

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Color the Placemat

Here's another great way to pass the time until that turkey's golden brown—setting out a stack of placemats your guests can color. These days, most adults love to color as much as kids do, which makes this a perfect Turkey Day pastime. Snag these cute Thanksgiving placemat printables from Etsy or come up with your own.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

For a fun Thanksgiving game for kids, consider hosting a scavenger hunt. Gather everyone up, then name a household item. Everyone will race to find and bring back the requested item, and the fastest person back wins the round. We can't think of a better way to burn off some of those extra dessert calories!

Thanksgiving Pictionary

Pictionary will have you laughing until your face hurts, which is why it's a must-do at your next gathering. If that happens to be Thanksgiving, give it a Turkey Day theme! After all, who wouldn't want to see Aunt Jane try to draw stuffing?

What's on Your Phone?

It's challenging to brainstorm games to play on Thanksgiving that get everyone involved. But when you come up with a Thanksgiving-themed version of What's on Your Phone, that's just what will happen. Make a fall-themed checklist and assign a point value to each item on the list. Whose photo roll garners them the most points?

Thanksgiving Family Feud

What's the most popular food to eat on Thanksgiving? Your family may agree on that one, but there are plenty of other topics that are sure to spark a real Family Feud. That's right, this popular game show can inspire one of the most fun Thanksgiving games for kids—and grownups—to play if you'll be hosting a large gathering this year. Simply write out a bunch of topics beforehand, then split everyone into teams and give each team a piece of paper or a whiteboard for their answers.

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