Make your Turkey-day feast festive and give your kids great Thanksgiving activities to get them in the giving spirit with these free printables for everything from table decorations to paper crafts.

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Printable Thanksgiving Placemats

Let the kids be your helpers by setting their own table. With these placemats, they will know exactly where the plates, utensils and glasses go. Give them a few crayons and you can keep them entertained while they wait for their food too.

Printable Thanksgiving Napkin Holders

Even paper napkins will look adorable with these Thanksgiving rings. If your kids are old enough to use scissors, they can do this easy project on their own. All they have to do is cut out each napkin ring, fasten it together with clear tape, and roll the paper napkin to slide into it.

Printable Thanksgiving Kid Place Cards

Four-year-old April always wants to sit next to 8-year-old Jeremiah, but Jeremiah wants to seat next to his friend Carl. What to do? Have the kids personalize their place cards ahead of time and put them in hat. Let each kid pull a card out of the hat and place it on the table in order (clockwise or counterclockwise). Chance will decide!

Printable Thanksgiving Stickers

Bring an extra smile to the kids faces with these stickers. Just print this page on a special sticker sheet designed for your printer. Then have your kids color the stickers, and cut them out. The children can use them to decorate the placemats -- or just for fun.

Printable Hand-Turkey Paper Dolls

Print out a wardrobe of fun! It's easy: Your kids or your guests can trace their hands on a sheet of paper (or heavier cardstock) and then cut out the hand shape--supervise with little kids. Add an eye and mouth to the thumb, then dress up your turkey in either traditional garb or cool-kid costumes! As with paper dolls, you can either fold back the tabs to put the outfits on the turkey's fingers, or take a little glue to stick them on.

Leaves of Thanks Centerpiece

Print out our leaf template on either white or colored paper, then have your kids color and decorate before everyone comes over. Put a leaf in front of each place setting and have everyone write what they are thankful for and their names. Put them all on the table and read aloud after dinner.

Printable Adult Thanksgiving Place Cards

Eight place cards you can print and your kids can color--with room to print your guests' names so everyone feels welcome. Having a big feast? Just print multiple copies!

Thanksgiving and Autumn Coloring Book Pages

Including acorns and oak leaves, pie, turkey, pumpkins, pinecones, a pilgrim hat, and more! Perfect for hanging around the room or on the front door to welcome visitors.

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