String these cheerful strands from cabinets, the buffet, the walls, or even down the table.

By Jodi Levine
October 03, 2016
Ryan Liebe

What You’ll Need

  • Leaf templates
  • Kraft paper or paper shopping bags
  • Craft paint
  • Wooden beads (we used 20mm ones)
  • Pinecones (about 20 per garland)
  • Brightly colored twine
  • Clear tape

What To Do

  1. Print leaf templates; cut out. Trace onto folded kraft paper as indicated and cut out, then open. You’ll need about 12 leaves.
  2. Paint stripes onto the leaves and wooden beads, allowing some of the natural wood and paper to show. Paint the scales of the pinecones (rolling them works too). Let dry.
  3. Cut an 8-foot length of twine. Tie on your first pinecone, looping the twine around the top few scales. String on one or two beads, then tie on your next pinecone. Continue this way, spacing the pinecones 3 to 5 inches apart.
  4. To add the leaves: Fold the leaf stem down over the string in between the pinecones and beads, and secure in the back with tape.

Tip: Paint a few extra pinecones and beads to scatter along your runner for easy table decorations.

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