Make a Paper Turkey Centerpiece

Stuff this turkey with popcorn to create a table decoration that doubles as a yummy appetizer.


-Hi. Today, I'm gonna show you how to make a paper-bag turkey for your Thanksgiving table. Here are the supplies you'll need: a plain grocery sack, two large sacks, clear plastic bags, a piece of paper, scissors, glue gun, and popcorn. The first step is to make the turkey's body. Take your brown paper bag. Put your hand inside and take the other hand, slashing down the corners, like so. Next, you're gonna take your popcorn in an oven-roasting bag, fill it up and stuff it inside. With your glue gun, apply some glue and seal the backside shut, then fold the corners diagonally and give it a little pleat in the back, pinching it together and securing that down with more glue. Now, we're gonna make the leg, which is essentially the same thing as the body. Start at the same way by pressing down the corners to get your nice shape. Fill your bag with caramel corn this time and stuff it inside. Then, just take it, twisting at the top. Now, you got a nice leg shape. Now, we need to make the poultry frills that go in the end. With a half a piece of paper cut lengthwise, fold it in half, and start cutting down about 3 quarters to the way down all the way your super paper. Now, we're gonna glue on the poultry frill by putting down some glue, just wrap it around the ends, securing as you go. The easiest way is by putting some glue on your bag, then on your leg, sitting it in a knot pocket and then giving it a little pinch right here to hold it 'til the glue has time to set. Cut through both layers and open it up to reveal the surprise inside. And there you have it, the centerpiece and appetizer all in one. The kids are gonna love it. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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