How to Make a 'Give Thanks' Centerpiece for Thanksgiving

This centerpiece is so easy the kids can make it all by themselves!


-Hi. I'm Taryn Mohrman, Parents Lifestyle Editor. This Thanksgiving, dress up your dinner table with the kid family centerpiece using sticks from your backyard. For this project, you'll need craft paper or newspaper, drinking glasses or recycle glass jars, color pencils, sticks from the yard better about 16 to 18 inches long, scissors, a hot glue gun, foam paint brush, craft flue, assorted colors of acrylic paint, dried lentils or beans, a paper grocery bag, white card stack and a coffee can and soup can for tracing. First, we're gonna paint our sticks with acrylic paint. So take your foam paint brush and start at the bottom and work your way up to generously apply 1 coat of paint. Once this completely covered, set it down on a paper to dry and we're gonna repeat to create other color sticks and you may wanna follow up with a second coat of paint so the color is nice and rich. To make the circles for the centerpiece, we're gonna trace a coffee can on to our brown paper bag. So use your color pencil, trace it all around then use your scissors to cut it out. Okay then repeat to make 5 more circles. To make the white circles, we're gonna trace a soup can or a slightly smaller can than your coffee can on white card stack then grab your scissors and cut the shape out. Repeat those steps to create 5 more white circles. Have your child use colored pencils to spell out a Thanksgiving phrase like Thanks or Give Thanks on these white circles. Use craft [unk] amount the white paper circles on top of the brown paper circles. Next we're gonna hot glue out sticks to the backs of our letters, just put a couple of dabs of hot glue right in the center and then take your stick and press it down. To finish the project, fill 6 drinking glasses with dried lentils or beans, and then anchor each stick inside to spell out the word Thanks and you can display on a Thanksgiving table.

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