Turkey Day Place Mats

Make these hand-stamped place mats that can be used year after year.
Buff Strickland

What You'll Need

  • Muslin
  • Pinking sheers
  • Thick brown yarn
  • White glue
  • Various colors of acrylic paint
  • Corks

Make It

1. Cut the muslin into a 14"x18" rectangle with pinking shears (for decorative edge).

2. Thin out glue with water (about a one-to-one ratio) and dip a 12" piece of string into mixture. Squeeze string to remove excess moisture, then place vertically on muslin about 4" in from the left edge.

3. Repeat with a 5" and 7" piece of string to make tree branches; let dry.

4. Dip one end of a cork into paint and stamp on fabric around string tree to make leaves. Repeat with different colors until tree is full; let dry completely.

Originally published in the November 2009 issue of Parents magazine.

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