From edible turkeys to handprint wreaths, these simple Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers are a great way to make memories and keep little hands occupied while you prep that bird.

turkey color match craft

Looking for ways to keep your 2-year-old busy during those long days leading up to your delectable Turkey Day feast? Whip out the craft supplies and have them tackle one of these simple Thanksgiving projects for toddlers. Not only are they perfect for little hands and short attention spans, but they also make for great memories to display for many holidays to come—two birds (or turkeys) with one stone!

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corn husk flower craft
Credit: Hello Wonderful

Corn Husk Painting Craft

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Get back to nature with these adorable corn husk painting ideas Hello Wonderful. Made from real, dried corn husks, they're a great way for your little ones to create art using Mother Nature's palette instead of store-bought materials. There's a ton you can do with these pretty husks too, from making them into a doll to creating a fun headband. 

nutter butter turkeys
Credit: I Heart Naptime

Nutter Butter Turkeys

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If you're in the mood for some Thanksgiving food crafts for toddlers, you'll love these cute little Nutter Butter turkeys from I Heart Naptime. They come together with some cute eyes, a Reeses peanut butter cup and a few pieces of candy corn. Your toddler will enjoy creating the turkey as much as they'll love eating it.

footprint turkey
Credit: Crafty Morning

Footprint Paper Turkey

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It's not Thanksgiving without a footprint turkey, and this one is "hands-down" the best. Crafty Morning has found a way to incorporate your toddler's sweet face and her footprints on one of our favorite Thanksgiving craft ideas for toddlers.

thankful turkey craft
Credit: Busy Toddler

Thankful Feathered Turkey

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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to introduce the concept of gratitude to your toddlers. We love this super simple yet effective craft from Busy Toddle to help your little one list the things he's grateful for.

sponge paint turkey craft
Credit: The Resourceful Mama

Sponge Paint Turkey Craft

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If you're looking for Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers age 2, you probably know they're not quite ready to wield a paintbrush. The next best thing? Sponges! Try this sponge painted Thanksgiving turkey from The Resourceful Mama.

pinecone turkey craft
Credit: A Pumpkin and a Princess

Pinecone Turkey Craft

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Fall is a wonderful time to celebrate Mother Nature's beauty, and it's a perfect time for a nature walk with your toddler. Don't forget to collect some pinecones! They're perfect for making free Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers. Like this adorable pinecone turkey, for instance, by A Pumpkin and a Princess.

tissue paper fall wreath
Credit: Happy Hooligans

Tissue Paper Fall Wreath

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Need a cute fall wreath idea for your front door? We've got one right here, from Jackie at Happy Hooligans. The best part? Your toddler can do it all by himself. All it takes is some tissue paper in pretty fall colors and you're all set for fall decorating.

handprint wreath craft

'Handy' Thanksgiving Wreath

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One of the best easy Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers? A handprint wreath of gratitude! Simply cut out an outline of that sweet little toddler hand, then make several copies and ask your little one what they're grateful for. Write the answers on the paper hands and glue together for a wreath you'll always remember fondly.

paper bag scarecrows
Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

Paper Bag Scarecrows

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Looking for Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers that aren't turkeys? We get it! That's why we've included these totally adorable paper bag scarecrows from Simple Everyday Mom. They're a great way to get your little one working with glue, a key skill for preschool.

stamped corn craft
Credit: Crafty Morning

Stamped Corn Craft

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Break out the legos, it's time to get crafting! It might sound strange at first, but Crafty Morning discovered Duplo blocks dipped in paint make authentic-looking corn, a perfect Thanksgiving craft for toddlers who like to get messy!

turkey salt painting
Credit: Natural Beach Living

STEM Thanksgiving Craft

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Here's a fun activity that's both a craft and an early STEM activity. It's a watercolor salt painting in the shape of a turkey, courtesy of Natural Beach Living. Watch your toddler's eyes light up as they watch the paint "crawl" up the lines of salt on this adorable Thanksgiving craft for toddlers.

turkey color match craft

Turkey Color Match Craft

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Turkeys, turkeys, everywhere! This simple and colorful paper plate turkey is one of the most classic easy Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers you'll find. Plus, it teaches your little ones how to match colors. We'll call that a win-win!