Super Cute Thanksgiving Hat Crafts

Work with your kiddo to create one of these adorable hats they can wear during Turkey Day dinner.

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Turkey Hat

Get kids into the Thanksgiving spirit with a festive turkey hat that's as much fun for kids to make as it is to wear. Use our easy-to-follow instructions to show you how.

What You'll Need:
* White paper plate
* Scissors
* Assorted paint colors
* Cotton swabs
* Paper: dark brown, light brown, black, orange, red
* Glue stick
* Brown crafts foam
* Stapler

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Step 1

  • Cut a white paper plate in half. You will need one-half of the plate per hat.
  • Paint each groove on the plate edge with assorted paint colors using a separate cotton swab for each color.
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Step 2

  • Cut a 6-inch-diameter circle from brown paper, and cut it in half.
  • Glue one of the halves to the plate.
  • Cut out a 3-inch-diameter circle from light brown paper for the turkey's head, two small circles from black paper for the eyes, a small diamond from orange paper for the beak and fold in half, and a comma shape from red paper for the wattle.
  • Glue all the pieces to the plate as shown.
  • Cut two 8-1/2x2-inch strips from orange paper and cut two slits at the bottom of each strip.
  • Accordion-fold the strips to make legs and fold up the strips at the bottom for the feet.
  • Glue the legs to the flat edge of the plate, positioning each one just inside the rim on opposite sides.
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Step 3

  • Cut two 2x11-inch strips from brown crafts foam for the headband.
  • Staple one end of each piece together.
  • Glue the stapled seam to the center back of the turkey with the staple ends facing the turkey; let dry.
  • Complete the hat by fitting the bands around the child's head and stapling it closed to fit.
  • Download the complete instructions.
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Pilgrim Bonnet

Help your little girl dress up like a pilgrim this Thanksgiving with a sweet white bonnet made from a single sheet of white crafts foam. Check out our easy instructions to see how to do it.

What You'll Need:
* 11.81 x 17.71-inch piece (standard single sheet) of white crafts foam
* Stapler
* Scissors
* Hole punch
* 1-3/4 yards of white grosgrain ribbon

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Step 1

  • Fold over one long edge of a piece of white crafts foam to create a 2-inch-wide brim. Staple it once on each side to hold it in place. The fold will not lay completely flat until the hat is completed.
  • Make seven evenly spaced 4-1/2-inch-long cuts on the long unfolded edge for a total of eight flaps
  • Editor's Tip: Help younger children by drawing the lines on the crafts foam as a guide for cutting.
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Step 2

  • Punch a hole 1 inch from the edge at the center of each flap.
  • Thread a 24-inch piece of white grosgrain ribbon down through the hole of the first flap.
  • Thread the ribbon under the second flap and up through its hole. Continue threading through each flap.
  • Editor's Tip: To prevent the ribbon from being pulled through the first hole, you may wish to temporarily wrap tape around the end.
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Step 3

Pull ribbon from each side to gather flaps together to meet at the center. Be sure the brim is folded on the outside of the bonnet.

Tie the ribbon ends to secure.

Punch a hole at the bottom of each side of the brim and tie an 18-inch piece of ribbon onto each for a chin strap.

Conceal the knots under the brim flap.

  • Download the complete instructions.
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Thanksgiving Kid Craft: Pilgrim Hat

Directions for making a paper Pilgrim's hat for your Thanksgiving celebration.

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Pilgrim Hat

Every little boy at your Thanksgiving table will want to make and wear this festive pilgrim hat made using a newspaper from the recycling pile.

What You'll Need:
* Newspaper
* Masking tape
* Black paint
* Paintbrush
* Hole punch
* Black elastic cord
* Crafts foam: orange, yellow

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Step 1

  • Fold a full sheet of newspaper in half and fold the top two corners down to meet at the center.
  • Tape with masking tape.
  • Fold up one bottom edge of the newspaper to meet the edge of the folded-down corners, then fold the folded edge up again to meet the edge of the folded-down corners.
  • Fold the folded edge over to create a brim.
  • Flip the paper over and fold up the opposite bottom edge in the same manner.
  • Fold down the top point and tape down.
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Step 2

Paint the hat black on a protected surface.

When the paint is dry, punch a hole on each end of the brim.

Tie an 18-inch length of black elastic cord onto the holes.

  • Shop paint supplies for kids now
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Step 3

  • Cut a 1x11-inch strip of orange crafts foam and adhere it to the hat above the brim.
  • Trim off excess if needed.
  • Layer and adhere a 2-inch yellow crafts foam square and a 1-inch orange crafts foam square on the center of the orange strip for a buckle.
  • Place the hat on your child's head and adjust the elastic strap if necessary to fit.
  • Download the complete instructions.
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Scarecrow Hat

Help your little one turn folded newspaper into a jolly fall scarecrow hat using our easy step-by-step directions.

What You'll Need:
* Newspaper
* Masking tape
* Orange paint
* Small paintbrush
* Hole punch
* Raffia
* Paper: straw-colored, blue, yellow
* Glue stick
* Black marker

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Step 1

  • Fold a full sheet of newspaper in half and fold the top two corners down to meet at the center.
  • Tape with masking tape.
  • Fold up one bottom edge of the newspaper to meet the edge of the folded-down corners.
  • Flip the paper over and fold up the opposite bottom edge in the same manner.
  • Fold down the top point and tape down.
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Step 2

  • Paint the hat orange on a protected surface.
  • When the paint is dry, punch a hole on each end of the brim. Tie a piece of raffia through the holes for a chin strap.
  • Cut two 2x6-inch strips of straw-colored paper.
  • Make several long cuts into the paper, leaving at least 1/2-inch of uncut paper near the top.
  • Crumple up the strips.
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Step 3

  • Tape or glue the cut strips to the inside front of the hat brim.
  • Cut two rectangles from blue and yellow paper and glue onto hat.
  • When glue is dry, draw stitch marks on the rectangle edges using a black marker.
  • Fit the completed hat onto your child's head and adjust the raffia chin strap if necessary.
  • Download the complete instructions.
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Felt Turkey Hat

Put a feather in your kid's cap with this turkey headband.

What You'll Need:
* brown, tan, red, yellow, and green felt
* scissors
* needle and thread

Make it: Cut a piece of tan felt to fit around your child's head and sew closed at the back. Then, cut seven feathers from different colors of felt and sew them in a fan shape onto the front of the headband. Add a turkey head, beak, and a wattle all cut from felt. Draw on two eyes with a black maker to finish.

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Acorn Headband

Tap into nature for this season's fashions! Adding a couple of acorns to a fall-inspired headband will have your daughter looking super chic while celebrating Thanksgiving.

What You'll Need:
* variegated yarn in fall colors
* Tacky Glue
* plastic headband
* clothespins
* felt
* ribbon
* scissors
* acorns

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Acorn Headband: How-To

Make it: Coat your headband with Tacky Glue and wrap the yarn tightly around, attaching the ends with clothespins while the glue dries. Then, cut two teardrop shaped pieces of felt (one slightly smaller than the other) and glue the smaller piece on top of the larger. Add a few sprigs of ribbon at the top of your teardrop, and then glue on two small acorns. One dry, add your fall arrangement to the headband and adhere with the Tacky Glue.

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Drumstick Headband

Your kids will love making this silly craft as much as they'll enjoy wearing the finished product. Get everyone at the table to don a drumstick for a fun family photo.

What You'll Need:
* brown grocery bags
* white paper napkins
* small brown lunch bags
* tape
* scissors
* stapler
* scrap paper

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Drumstick Headband: How-To

Make it: Create the headband base by cutting a 5" wide strip from a grocery bag and folding it in thirds lengthwise. Wrap it around your child's head for sizing, cut off the excess, and tape to secure. To make each drumstick, trim the top of a brown lunch bag so it's about 7" long. Wrap the bag around your fist and scrunch it into shape around your wrist; then, stuff it half full with balled-up scrap paper. Make the bones by crumpling one white napkin into a ball and covering it with a second, unfolded, napkin. Twist the napkin at the bottom of the ball and insert the excess into the stuffed bag. Twist and tape the two parts together to secure. Staple the legs to the headband and use tape to cover any staple ends inside the band.

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Harvest Crown

Crown your kids kings and queens of Autumn this Thanksgiving!

What You'll Need:
* cardstock
* fabric leaves
* scissors
* stapler

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Harvest Crown: How-To

Make it: Use cardstock to make the base of your crown: measure to the size of your child's head and tape together two pieces of cardstock if it won't fit all the way around. Next, draw a zigzag at the top of the crown and cut out the triangles to make pointed peaks. Staple leaves in place on the crown (cover the staples on the inside with tape for safety), then wrap the crown around your child's head and tape closed at the back.

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