Make It: Wooden Spool Turkeys

Step 3: Wooden Spool Turkey
Heather Weston
Make these adorable wooden spool turkeys for a fun Thanksgiving Day activity.
Heather Weston
Heather Weston

What you'll need:

  • Wooden spool
  • Covered floral wire (12-inch piece)
  • Wire cutter or old scissors
  • Scissors
  • Colored paper
  • Small button
  • Feathers
  • Pen
  • Clear tape
Heather Weston
Heather Weston

Step 1

Wrap the middle section of wire twice around spool tightly. Twist together to secure. Bend wire to make a foot on each leg and trim excess with old scissors or wire cutter.

Heather Weston
Heather Weston

Step 2

Trace the end of a spool and a button about 1" apart on paper. Connect the circles to form a neck, and add points on head. Cut out shape, and draw eyes, beak, and spiral.

Heather Weston
Heather Weston

Step 3

Tape the paper body to one end of spool, then flip over and attach 3 feathers to other side, taping each one individually. Adjust feet so turkey stands.

Originally published in the November 2010 issue of Parents magazine.

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