Get your kids involved in Passover by helping them make this envelope to hold the matzoh. It's sure to be the star of the holiday meal.


The Afikomen is the part of a piece of matzoh hidden by adults on Passover. The kids find it at the end of the seder (ceremonial meal). This cover prevents crumbs from getting everywhere, and adds a special touch to a special meal. To make it, you'll need felt, yarn, a needle, glue, and a button.

  1. Holding a 8½"x11" rectangle of blue felt vertically, fold the top corners down to form a triangle, then trim the folded pieces (see "how-tos" template) to form a triangle-shaped flap. Cut a 7"x8½" rectangle from a second piece of blue felt, and pin it on top of the first piece so the two rectangles line up.
  2. Using a ruler and a piece of chalk, mark ½" intervals around the edges to serve as a guide for your stitch. (We used a blanket stitch, but a simple running stitch also works).
  3. Using yarn and needle, sew the two pieces together, leaving the top edge open.
  4. For a decorative touch, sew or glue a button onto the flap.


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