Celebrate Passover with traditional foods like bitter herbs and matzah, favorite kid crafts, decorating ideas, printables, recipes for the Seder feast, and more.

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How to Explain the Passover Story to Kids
Pesach, the Hebrew word for Passover, is an eight-day festival representing rebirth and new beginnings. This Jewish springtime celebration is also an inspiring lesson all about social justice and freedom.
How to Host a Virtual Seder for Passover
Every year, Jewish families commemorate the freedom and exodus of the Israelites from Egypt with Passover seders. Here's how you can make the holiday meaningful and memorable, even when you can't be at the same table as your loved ones.
11 Ways to Make the Passover Seder Fun for Kids
Matzah emojis? Seder bingo? Hail, yes! Read on for 11 super-fun, easy-to-pull-off ideas for upping your Passover game.
3 Sweet Treats Made with Matzo
You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this Passover staple! We’ve built three sweet treats around the kid-friendly unleavened bread.  Made with only flour and water and baked quickly, this flatbread symbolizes humility. According to religious history, the Jewish nation relied on it—along with their faith in God—for sustenance as they traveled through the desert to the Promised Land.
Celebrate Passover with Crafts and Food
Searching for new recipes that are kosher for Passover? Try these while you teach your kids the story of the holiday with a few cute crafts!
Chocolate-Covered Matzoh
Your child will have fun making this tasty treat for Passover.

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How to Make An Afikomen Cover for Passover
Get your kids involved in Passover by helping them make this envelope to hold the matzoh. It's sure to be the star of the holiday meal.