All Pandemic-Fatigued Parents Really Want for Christmas 2020 Is a Break

Parents on Reddit shared the many ways their holiday season could get better with the creative "gift" of a break from chores, distance learning, and caretaking.

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Man, am I tired. And I write that as a 17-weeks-pregnant mom of an energetic toddler who just sliced my finger trying to finally make myself something to eat after a morning running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Turns out, moms and dads everywhere are also burned out after this nearly yearlong (!!) pandemic, a school year full of ups and down, and constantly having to make sacrifices to keep their family safe. That's why parents on Reddit shared what they really want for Christmas this year—and, no, it's not gifts in the traditional sense.

In a recent Parenting subreddit thread, u/whoisNO started off a vent sesh with the subject: "'What does ______ need for Christmas?' In 2020, FUNCTIONAL Parents." And though the poster kicked things off with a focus on what their kids needed this year, things quickly turned to other parents in the group commenting with similar feelings of fatigue—and a holiday wish list full of things for themselves.

"Today's thought as I stare at my destroyed house, 8 months into quarantine with a 2-year-old, 20 weeks pregnant, a full-time job while my MIL asks what they 'need' for Christmas," the original poster wrote. "Sane parents. I NEED 8 hours of sleep. Someone to finish this f*cking laundry. My potty trained kid to stop having accidents. My dishes clean. A hot meal that isn't Trader Joe's pizza because I'm spent. I love my kids, I DO. This year is HARD."

Who can relate? 2020 has been rough. And with the holidays approaching, things can feel totally hopeless and out of control some days. That's why parents—and so many Americans feeling the effects of the coronavirus—really need a little TLC this holiday season.

"Please show up for the parents of young children this season (safely)," the original poster pleaded. "They desperately need your cards, phone calls to check in. Coffee gift cards and laundry service would be awesome too. Love, A normally really awesome mom who's struggling."

Other parents quickly responded with similar feelings and their own holiday wishes, hoping for a break ASAP.

"A fenced off area they can roam in while I have a coffee, a shower and fifteen minutes talking to an adult who doesn't need something from me," one user wrote, echoing the thoughts of so many other parents on the thread. "Between my clients, team and toddler I feel I spend 16 hours a day wiping bottoms and dealing with tears and tantrums."

Another common theme? Someone to help clean the house. "I asked my mom last Christmas for a 6m cleaning company certificate," one user responded. "And it was F'in life changing. So I have 1 woman who comes 1ce a week and does laundry and dishes and just catches me up. If she has the time (she's here 4hours) she vacuums and mops. But like best present ever!"

Potty training help was also high up there on parents' Christmas wish list. "My wife and I had a really hard day yesterday," read one comment. "We are potty training our toddler and have a 6 month old that doesn't like to sleep for more than 3 hours during the night. My wife is exhausted. Our toddler started out really well and then took a nosedive yesterday. Refused to sit on the toilet and wanted to pee on the floor. Wife and I were at each other's throats all day."

Parents basically replied to every single comment with a resounding, "I feel you!" We're all in this together, dealing with good days and struggle-city days, happy children and tantrums-over-the-littlest-thing kids. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and of course we love our kiddos but, in the meantime, venting away to others who can relate just feels so good.

As for what I'd like this year? Umm, all of the above!

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