From Our Readers: What Is Your Parenting New Year's Resolution?

Moms speak out about their parenting New Year's resolutions.

Kiss the Cook

"My New Year's resolution is to become a better cook for my children. I'm going to start taking more of an interest in making their meals. I've also decided that I'm going to start waking up extra early to make hot breakfasts for them instead of giving them cold cereal and Pop-Tarts." -- Jennifer, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Routine Basics

"This year I vow to stick to more of a schedule. As a once-organized, stay-at-home mom, I've recently fallen into the horrible habit of being disorganized. I'm so busy with my children that my life has lost its structure. Our family is constantly on the go -- eating, sleeping, and doing housework whenever we can fit them in. I want to enforce a routine for my family with solid mealtimes, daily preschool lessons, and other fun activities for my toddlers." -- Shannon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Precious Moments

"As a chronic neat freak, I often get consumed by the tiniest things. This year I've decided to take things down a notch. Instead of spending my days obsessing over housework, I've decided that it's okay occasionally to leave the dishes in the sink or let the laundry pile up. What really matters is that my children know how important they are, because nothing is more special than spending time with my two little munchkins and their father every day." -- Kimberly, Colquitt, Georgia

Trading Spaces

"For the past three years, my family has gotten larger while our living space has gotten smaller. This year my husband and I have finally vowed to move into a bigger home!" -- Carla, Dallas, Texas

Become a Shutterbug

"I resolve to take more pictures of my kids this year. They're only young once, and I want to be able to cherish those fleeting moments forever." -- Jillian, Needham, Massachusetts

Save Some Pennies

"I want to make sure my child is financially secure in the future. So this year I'm going to start a savings account for him. I know how hard I've had to struggle, and I don't want my child to go through what I've gone through." -- Stephen, Tremont, South Carolina

Make a Memento

"I was so busy after having my second child that I forgot to make her a baby book. This year, I'm going to create a beautiful one filled with little treasures and cherished memories." -- Nancy, Austin, Texas

Originally published in American Baby magazine, January 2006.

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