7 Little Rituals You Can Do to Manifest Your Best Year Yet

Choose mindfulness and try these little rituals from licensed mental health counselor Christine Gutiérrez.

Prepare for 2022 with these rituals from licensed mental health counselor Christine Gutiérrez, author of I Am Diosa. "When you make changes in your life, even small ones, you start living a life that's meant for you," the Puerto Rican mom says.

Do a Free Write

Grab a pen and journal, and answer the prompt: "What is my soul really desiring to bring forth in 2022?" Let the words pour out without editing. "Don't think too much, just feel your way into it," Gutiérrez says.

Channel Your Inner Goddess

Before the ball drops, draw yourself a "Goddess Bath" with Epsom salts for cleansing, rose petals for self-love, and a splash of milk or honey for nurturing. As you soak, say, "I'm loved. I'm worthy. I'm held. I'm divine. I'm ready to open myself to the blessings waiting for me."

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Carve Out Space

Designate a special place in your home for meditating, praying, and grounding yourself. Decorate it with items, photos, and mementos that represent where you want to be and how you want to feel in the new year. "Symbols allow the subconscious to bring these things into your life faster," Gutiérrez says.

Release Blocks

On a slip of paper, write one thing holding you back, and, in a safe area, burn it. "Say, 'I let go. I release. And I welcome in the new,'" Gutiérrez suggests. "The act of literally letting it go is a powerful way to start anew."

Pick a Theme Word

It should be something that embodies the energy you'd like to harvest in the new year, such as "playful" or "ready." "Make it your screensaver, tape it on the fridge, repeat it like a mantra," Gutiérrez says. "It'll hold you accountable."

Create a Vision Board

You can do it on Pinterest or grab magazines and cut things out. Whatever method you choose, focus on images that bring you joy, whether it's a new travel destination or a symbol of courage. Try to cover every aspect of your life too—family, money, health, relationships, work, fun. "Think of it as full, 360-degree manifesting," Gutiérrez suggests. "Put a little bit of everything onto the board."

Tidy Up

Cleanse your house from top to bottom. "It's important to occupy spaces where your mind is clear because our environments affect our psychology," Gutiérrez says. "Clean every room, clear out the closets and junk drawers, and donate things you don't need. It'll mentally prepare you for a fresh start in the new year."

For a free digital journal and more resources, head to Christineg.tv.

This article originally appeared in Parents Latina magazine's December/January 2022 issue as "Manifest Your Best Year Yet."

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