How to Make Mocktails and Stirrers

Ring in the new year as a family with these festive drink recipes and crafty stirrers.


-Hi, I'm Erica Clark, Food Editor for Parents Magazine. -And I'm Taryn Mohrman, Parents Lifestyle Editor. -You can get your kids excited to ring in the New Year by serving them fancy drinks complete with festive stirrers. -We're gonna show you how to make a few kid-friendly mocktails and crafts to get the party started. To make a strawberry-kiwi spritzer, add chopped kiwi to the bottom of the glass then just pour in your strawberry-kiwi seltzer and it's as easy as that. -To top it off, we're gonna make a sparkly star straw. Your kids can use these adhesive back embellishments and simply press them onto the straw about an inch down. They can add as many as they want, and when they're done, they can put it in their drink. -In a separate container, combine 3 ounces of milk, 2 ounces of French vanilla half and half, a drop of pure vanilla extract, a drop of peppermint extract, and a drop of green food coloring. Stir it all up and pour in a glass that's been rimmed with crushed candy canes. To make a flag stirrer for our peppermint shake, we're gonna cut a 3- to 4-inch piece of paper tape, take your lollipop stick, put it right in the middle, sandwich it right in between, then have your kids grab a colored marker and write something like cheers or party on top. And the final step is to take your scissors and cut a triangle into the end. To make a cranberry sparkler, you're gonna combine 4 ounces of cranberry juice, 1 ounce of orange juice, and a teaspoon of honey. You're gonna mix this all up. You could shake it or stir it and then you wanna pour it into your glass that's filled with ice. We'll finish with a splash of club soda and a maraschino cherry. -For the [unk] for this craft, we're gonna make a tiny replica of the Time Square ball using a chopstick and a pompom. The first step is to cut the bottom of the chopstick off then simply take dab of hot glue on-- on your extra large pompom. You're just gonna stick to the back. Let it dry completely and then you can place it inside your child's mocktail. And there you have it, three celebratory drinks that are gonna get you and your family ready for the countdown. Have a Happy New Year.

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