Mother's Day Twig Necklace

Instructions for making a sweet necklace for celebrating mom.


Hi. I'm Joy Howard from Family Fun here to show you how to make a wrapped twig necklace. To make one, you'll need a small twig, white acrylic paint, Tacky Glue, a toothpick, cotton embroidery floss, and a size 5 Pearl Cotton Thread. First, pain the twig and let it dry. Cut a length of cotton embroidery floss. Knot it on to the end of the twig and wind it around the length of the twig. Tie off the end and trim away the excess. Secure each knot with a dap of glue applied with the toothpick. Now, know a length of Pearl Cotton Thread to each end of the twig. Dab the knots with glue to hold them in place. Sweet and simple, our nature-inspired necklace makes a great homemade Mother's Day [unk] trinket.

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