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As a mother you put your heart and soul into your family every day. But there's one day you can be sure they're going to give something special to you in return -- and that's Mother's Day. Whether it's a sumptuous bowl of Cheerios lovingly served to you in bed, or a diamond tennis bracelet, you'll treasure the special attention that says, "Thanks for all you do, Mom!"

We polled readers about their favorite Mother's Day Gifts in four categories: extravagant, practical, pampering, and sentimental. We've listed our favorites on the following pages. Print the lists and use them to drop a few tactful hints, or get inspired with gift ideas for the extra special moms in your life.

Extravagant Gifts

A digital camera

Nobody sees more photo opportunities every day than a mom! That's why a digital camera is a favorite -- albeit pricey -- gift for any mother. One benefit of digital cameras over traditional ones is that you're able to see your photos immediately after you take them. Digital cameras also allow you to touch up or jazz up your photos by adding color or special effects and removing "red eye."

A great getaway

Take me away from it all! This is every mom's secret wish: to go somewhere she can relax, have a change of scenery, and have some fun! Whether it's Vegas or the Caribbean, the extravagance of opening up a Mother's Day card with a travel itinerary tucked inside will elicit a shriek of joy from any mom. Just be sure that solid child-care plans are included. It's not a fun getaway if Mom is worried about the kids!

Expensive perfume

Mom will love being treated to a bottle of perfume she might not normally buy herself because it's too expensive. Perfume will delight her senses, and every time she catches the scent it will remind her that she's appreciated. To really spoil Mom, buy her a set that comes with lotion, powder, and perfume for a longer-lasting and skin-silkening experience.

Other favorites from readers

  • A convertible
  • A new house
  • A diamond ring
  • A room full of roses

Practical Gifts

A breadmaker

What could be a better gift for the family's favorite nurturer? Not only is warm, fresh-baked bread a treat for the senses, but just the aroma of baking bread seems to feed the soul. Breadmakers are easy and fun to use. You can also buy specialty mixes to make different flavors of bread. It's a great way to spend some quality family time in the kitchen, as kids can help by pouring in the mix and selecting flavorings for the bread.

Gardening gift basket

Do you know a mom who's a born nurturer? Give her a pretty spring basket filled with gardening gloves, tools, seeds, and scented lotion to help her keep her hands smooth after gardening. It's a gift that's both practical and beautiful. She can have fresh flowers or vegetables all summer, and she'll be reminded of how much she's appreciated every time she looks at her lovely garden.

A housecleaning service

Mom will gasp with delight when she realizes she's been given a gift certificate for housecleaning services. You can give a one-time seasonal cleaning, or if you want to splurge you can sign her up for a whole year of once-a-week cleaning services. What you're really giving her is the gift of time -- to do something for herself instead of for the household. At the same time you're gifting her (and the whole family) with a clean, enjoyable living environment. Everyone's happy!

Other favorites from readers

  • A cellular phone
  • A blender to make baby food
  • Bright spring clothing
  • A large shoulder bag
  • A gift basket of shiny new cooking utensils
  • A painted can with handmade soap in it

Pampering Gifts

Day spa certificate

Every mom wants to be pampered, and a day at the spa is the ultimate! Most day spas have special Mother's Day packages that include massages, manicures, and other special beauty treatments. The best part of going to a spa is the feeling that you're being taken care of. And for someone who's always doing the caring, it's easy to see why that's a great change of pace.

Bath products gift basket

At the end of a long day, it's great to settle into a warm, fragrant bath. Feeling pampered at home is easy with some favorite bubble bath, talcum powder, and moisturizer. Add a few fragrant candles, and you've got an instant escape! It's no wonder that a gift basket of bath products always brings a smile to a tired mom's face.

Breakfast in bed

It may sound like a cliche, but breakfast in bed for a tired and busy mom is very pampering indeed. Add special touches like a fresh flower, a small scented candle, or pretty seashells in a small bowl to the breakfast tray. And be sure to serve all her favorites (no dieting allowed on this day). It doesn't get any better than this!

Other favorites from readers

  • Being allowed to sleep in very late
  • A five-night cruise to the Bahamas
  • A box of favorite chocolates
  • A gift certificate for a foot or body massage
  • A day at the beach alone
  • A favorite meal cooked by others
  • Dinner and a movie

Sentimental Gifts

Bouquet of flowers

There's nothing like being surprised by a soft, fragrant bouquet of flowers. Flowers say "I love you, I appreciate you, and you're special." Roses are a favorite because of their beauty and elegance. Spring flowers are bright, fragrant, and symbolize new life. The simplicity of a bouquet of wildflowers is guaranteed to melt a mother's heart. But a gift of flowers doesn't have to be fleeting. You can find beautiful silk flower arrangements that look strikingly real. Not only will these last for years, but they can be misted with scented spray so you don't have to miss out on the fragrance!

A baby memories kit

Is there a pregnant mom you want to surprise with something she'll really treasure this Mother's Day? Put together a Baby Memories Kit including items such as a baby book, shoe bronzing kit, baby photo frame, and calendar with enough space to write a daily entry about baby. Put everything in a decorated memory box large enough to hold treasured items through the years.

A poem

Poetry is perhaps the most sentimental Mother's Day gift of all. Mom will feel very touched to hear of your love and appreciation for her in the form of a poem. It's very sweet if you write your own poem (don't worry, it's the substance and not the form she's looking for). But if you're not inclined to write, you can borrow from her favorite poet. To add a special touch to the poem, add a child's handprint and present it to her in a pretty frame.

Other favorites from readers

  • A hand-embroidered quilt
  • A homemade ornament
  • A framed photo of a newborn child
  • A mug with child's picture on it
  • A book of handmade coupons from child
  • T-shirt with child's handprints on it
  • A "mom and baby" set of teddy bears

Printable Hint List

Make Mother's Day easy for your family this year. Print our hint list and leave it where it's sure to be seen.

For Mother's Day I would like...

____ A kiss and a hug

____ A special drawing

____ A gift certificate for __________________________________

____ Breakfast in bed

____ An afternoon to do as I please

____ An outing to _________________________________________


______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________

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