Mother's Day Gift Guide for Every Mom in Your Life

Searching for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Our round-up has options for everyone on your list, including partners, grandmothers, wives, daughters, and friends.

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Moms put their heart and soul into their family, so when Mother's Day rolls around, they deserve an extra-special treat. Whether it's a sumptuous bowl of Cheerios lovingly served in bed, or a diamond tennis bracelet, they'll treasure the special attention that says, "Thanks for all you do!"

Need some Mother's Day gift inspiration? We rounded up our favorite gifts for everyone on your list, from partners to daughters to grandparents. Don't be afraid to get creative this year!

A Well-Planned Getaway

This is a not-so-secret wish for many moms: to go somewhere relaxing for a change of scenery—and some fun! Whether it's Las Vegas or the Caribbean, the extravagance of opening up a Mother's Day card with a travel itinerary tucked inside will surely elicit a shriek of joy. Just be sure that solid child care plans are included. It's not a fun getaway if mom is worried about the kids!

Luxurious Perfume

Mom will love being treated to a bottle of perfume they might not normally buy. Perfume will delight the senses, and every time mom catches the scent, they'll be reminded of your thoughtfulness. To really spoil mom, consider including lotion, candles, or other spa-worthy treats.

A Breadmaker

If mom loves trying new things in the kitchen, consider gifting a breadmaker. These devices are fun and easy to use, and they're a great excuse for spending some quality family time in the kitchen (kids can help by pouring in the mix and selecting flavorings for the bread). As a bonus, the aroma of breaking bread is a treat for the senses!

Gardening Gift Basket

Do you know a mom who's a born nurturer? Give them a pretty spring basket filled with gardening gloves, tools, seeds, and scented lotion to help keep hands smooth after gardening. It's a gift that's both practical and beautiful. Mom can have fresh flowers or vegetables all summer, and they'll be reminded of how much they're appreciated whenever they look at the garden.

Housecleaning Service

This Mother's Day gift is perfect for those who despise cleaning the house. You can give a one-time seasonal cleaning, or if you want to splurge, sign them up for a whole year of once-a-week services. Not only does this gift provide a better living environment, it also supplies mom with some much-needed extra time.

Day Spa Certificate

Every mom wants to be pampered, and a day at the spa is the ultimate! Most spas have special Mother's Day packages that include massages, manicures, and other beauty treatments. Perhaps the best part of going to a spa is the feeling that you're being taken care of—and for someone who's always doing the caring, that's a great change of pace!

Bath Product Gift Basket

Feeling pampered at home is easy with some bubble bath, skincare products, and fragrant candles. Add a cozy bath robe, and you've got an instant escape! It's no wonder that a gift basket of at-home spa products always brings a smile to a tired mom's face.

Breakfast in Bed

It may sound like a cliche, but breakfast in bed is very pampering for a tired and busy mom. Add special touches like a fresh flower, a small scented candle, or pretty seashells in a small bowl to the breakfast tray. And be sure to serve all of mom's favorites, whether it's pancakes or scrambled eggs or yogurt parfaits. It doesn't get any better than this!

Bouquet of Flowers

There's nothing like being surprised by a fragrant bouquet of flowers. From roses to lilacs to tulips, colorful blooms say "I love you, I appreciate you, and you're special." Also note that a gift of flowers doesn't have to be fleeting—you can find beautiful silk flower arrangements that look strikingly real and last for years to come.

A Baby Memories Kit

Is there a pregnant mom you want to surprise with something truly special? Put together a "Baby Memories Kit" including a baby book, photo albums, and journal with enough space to write daily entries. Gather everything in a decorated memory box large enough to hold treasured items through the years.

A Poem

Mom will feel touched to hear of your love and appreciation in the form of a poem. It's very sweet if you write your own poem (don't worry, it's the substance and not the form that matters). But if you're not inclined to write, you can borrow from a favorite poet. To add a special touch to the poem, add a child's handprint and present it in a pretty frame.

Other Mother's Day Gift Ides

Still looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Consider one of these unique and creative ideas!

  • Blender to make baby food or smoothies
  • Bright spring clothing
  • Large shoulder bag
  • Gift basket of shiny new cooking utensils (perfect for moms who love to cook)
  • Box of favorite chocolates
  • Favorite meal cooked by others
  • Dinner and a movie
  • Hand-embroidered quilt
  • Framed photo of a treasured memory
  • Mug with child's picture on it
  • Book of handmade coupons from a child (or a partner)
  • T-shirt with child's handprints on it
  • "Mom and baby" set of teddy bears
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