Spoiling your mother is one thing, but playing up the nostalgia factor of that macaroni necklace you made her in Pre-K is truly impressive. 

By Lauren Pardee
April 26, 2018

October 15, 2018

Mother's Day Macaroni Necklace
Credit: Courtesy of Delicacies Jewelry

When the wonder women in our lives deserve some thoughtful recognition, we may just have discovered the perfect appreciation gift. Not only did they give us life (thanks, mom—so sorry about those 10 hours of labor) but for many, a mother is an anchor of strength who never asks for anything in return—except for maybe a plethora of grandchildren.

Our moms have earned something just as beautiful as they are that also pays tribute to all they have done for us which is why a piece from Delicacies Jewelry’s Al Dente line of pasta pendants is a perfect resolve. Remember, you were a little one once—an image that will never change in the eyes of a mother—so why not bring back your old go-to gift as a child?

I’m sure if you do some digging around the attic, you will find that your mom still has that old macaroni necklace you made her in preschool. What do moms love more than a good nostalgic moment? Nothing. So, play off that iconic symbol of childhood with the beautiful sterling silver or gold adaption of it. Yes, this isn’t the gift for all moms—some women love diamonds, pearls, candy, or flowers, but something as simplistic as a token of a child’s love can go a long way.

Each pendant ranges in price depending on design, material, and chain—but, the options are endless. You can purchase the Diamond Farfalle necklace with 14K yellow gold and 13 diamonds for $980, or you can go with a more affordable Sterling Silver Bucatini Necklace for $85. Other pasta pendants include orecchiette, penne rigate, elbow, and cellentani.

Not only does this gift touch on innocence, companionship, and family roots, but a portion of each purchase helps feed the hungry—and if your mom is anything like ours, an empty stomach is basically a crime. Your mom will take solace in the fact that her gift went to feeding others, just like she would treat any guest stepping into her home.

As much as we enjoy pasta served hot on a plate with a dreamy vodka sauce and extra parmesan cheese, we can’t deny that macaroni jewelry is a fierce competitor for our affection. Hopefully, this unique gift suggestion brings the most important woman in your life some happiness on her special day.