11 Cute Mother's Day Cards That Kids Can Make

Want to make mom feel extra special? These homemade Mother's Day cards are easy to DIY with kids and guaranteed to bring plenty of smiles!

Marbled Messages DIY crafts
Photo: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh
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Artist's Card

Thank you cards
Courtesy of Jodi Kahn

Do you have a young Picasso on your hands? Have them draw a picture especially for mom. Then scan the artwork and turn it into a sentimental homemade Mother's Day Card—complete with a handwritten message on the inside. This idea was inspired by Jodi Kahn from Simply Sublime.

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Best Mommy Award

Trophy Mother's Day Card

No doubt, mom is the best in the world. Let them know with this unique trophy card. Simply print out the template, color the design, fold the card in half, and write a heartfelt note inside.

Download the template here.

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Stitched Heart Card

Yarn Heart Cards
Tara Donne

Colorful yarn takes this homemade Mother's Day card to the next level. To start, fold a piece of cardstock in half (ours was 4 inches x 8 inches). Print the heart template (download it here), cut out the heart, and gently tape it to the cover of the card. Lay the card flat, and using a needle, poke holes around the outline of the heart. Discard the template.

Grab a plastic child-safe tapestry needle and thread it with colored yarn, knotting the end to secure it. Have your child stitch the heart in a side-to-side pattern; make sure to start and end on the inside of the card for a cleaner look. Knot the end of the yarn and trim any excess.

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Shining Star

Star card
Brian Pineda

Mom is a shining star! Let them know with this homemade Mother's Day card, which is surprisingly simple to make. Start by gathering supplies: a blank card, fabric or decorative paper, glue, scissors, hole punch, and embroidery thread.

Cut two or three stars (in different sizes) out of decorative paper or fabric. Glue them together to create a layered effect. Using scissors, cut seven to 10 small slits on the bottom left-hand half of the card. Punch a hole about 1 inch away from top right corner of the card, and insert embroidery thread through it, taking it to the first slit (make sure the thread wraps over the front of the card). Secure with a knot and trim off any excess. Continue this step until you have thread traveling from the hole to all slits.

Glue your star on top of the punched hole, and you have a memorable homemade Mother's Day card!

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Paper Bouquet

Flower Bouquet Mother's Day Card

Flowers are the quintessential Mother's Day gift—and these paper ones will never wilt! Color the bountiful blooms with mom's favorite shades.

Download the template here.

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Rainbow Heart Card

Valentines Day Crafts Rainbow Card
David A. Land

This isn't your typical Mother's Day card! Start by accordion-folding rainbow paper, lengthwise, into four 2½-inch sections. Print out the heart template (download it here), and trace the cut-out heart four times onto the paper (vertically), ensuring the straight edges of the hearts attach together. Repeat until you've traced four rows of four hearts.

Cut out the rows of hearts, leaving the straight edges attached. Tape the four strands together to make one big strand.

Cut scallops into the top of a 3x5-inch envelope to make a cloud. Cut out a cloud shape into white paper, write a message on it, and attach to the end of the heart strand.

Fold the hearts and stuff them into the envelope.

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Patterned Flowers

Flower card
Courtesy of mmmcrafts.com

These Mother's Day cards from mmmcrafts let your kid's creativity bloom! Fold a piece of card stock in half to make the card. Cut a small piece of ribbon and glue it to the center of the card's cover; this will become the flower stem. Cut two leaves out of patterned fabric or paper; glue them onto the cover and tuck the leaves underneath the ribbon. Grab some more patterned fabric or paper, and cut out layers of flower petals using this template for reference. Attach the layers together, glue them to the card, and finish it off with a button on the flower's center.

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Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and Kisses Mothers Day Card

Give mom never-ending hugs and kisses with this free downloadable Mother's Day card. Kids of all ages can color the design and write a heartfelt message inside.

Download the template here.

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Marbled Masterpieces

Marbled Messages DIY crafts
Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh

These marbled Mother's Day cards are super fun to create! Grab some creamy shaving cream (not the foaming gel kind) and spread a small amount evenly in a tray. Drip one or two drops of food coloring into the shaving cream and gently swirl with a toothpick. Then press thick white paper into the foam. Scrape off excess shaving cream with a ruler and let dry.

Cut out a heart (or any shape you'd like) from the sheet, and glue it onto a folded card. Write a personal message for mom inside.

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Yarn Rainbow

Rainbow Yarn Mother's Day Card
Jay Wilde

Does mom love summer days and outdoor adventures? Then make this brilliant rainbow card from yarn!

Cut short pieces of green yarn and attach to the bottom of a cardstock card with double-stick tape. Above this grass, trace half of a bowl to make a rainbow arch. Draw similar arches underneath, at 1/4-inch intervals, until you have a complete rainbow. Glue strips of yarn in different colors to each line to complete the rainbow, trimming off excess yarn as you go. Finish up with blue skies (made with paint, crayons, or colored pencils) and cotton ball clouds.

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Bookmark Card

Mother's Day Bookmark

This DIY card doubles as a bookmark—perfect for moms who love reading! Print out the template and fold on the dotted lines; attach with glue if you'd like, or write a special Mother's Day message inside. Cut out the hole at the top of the template and tie some ribbon through it.

Download the template here.

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