Hey, dads. Help the kids with this easy-to-make gift for Mother's Day.

By Cindy Prangl
October 05, 2005


  • Kid-friendly scissors
  • Cardstock in assorted colors
  • One roll of lead-free solder wire
  • Glue
  • Green chenille stems


  1. For each flower center, have your child cut two 3-inch circles from colored cardstock. To make petals, have him snip enough smaller shapes (such as circles, hearts, or strips of paper) to surround the flower's center. For cleaner-cut shapes, use hole punches.
  2. Help your child glue a 3-inch circle to a chenille stem; let dry. Then glue another circle on top of the first one so the chenille stem is sandwiched between them. Let dry thoroughly.
  3. To finish, have your child glue the petals around the flower center. Make several so you'll have a bouquet.

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