Mother's Day Crafts

Gifts from the heart mean the most on Mother's Day. Try these quick-and-easy crafts and project ideas that kids can make for mom.

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11 Cute Mother's Day Cards That Kids Can Make
Want to make mom feel extra special? These homemade Mother's Day cards are easy to DIY with kids and guaranteed to bring plenty of smiles!
17 Mother's Day Gifts Kids Can Make
Want to make mom a handmade present this Mother's Day? These heartfelt gift ideas are creative, sentimental, and easy. Perfect for little hands.
Flower Craft for Mommy
Calling all dads! You can help the kids make a beautiful spring bouquet with old magazines from your recycling bin.
A Pretty Paper Bouquet for Mother's Day
Looking for the perfect gift to make for Mom or that special someone? Help the kids put together a sweet, easy-to-make paper bouquet gift.
Keepsake for Grandma
A homemade gift for grandma teaches kids heartfelt lessons.
Flowers for Mother's Day
Hey, dads. Help the kids with this easy-to-make gift for Mother's Day.

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Mother's Day Craft: Coupon Books
Hey, dads! We've made it easier than ever for you and the kids to put together the perfect present for Mother's Day.