Show the Troops!

Here are some ways to support U.S. troops and their families.


The U.S. Department of Defense is asking that you not to send letters or packages that are not addressed to a specific servicemember. However, here are some excellent ways to communicate your support to military troops:

Operation Dear Abby

Send e-mail messages to deployed troops of any service from your home state.

Operation USO Care Package

Contribute to the purchase of a care package of items requested by troops such as sunscreen, disposable cameras, prepaid calling cards, and toiletries.

Operation Uplink

Contribute to the purchase of phone cards that will be distributed to military personnel and hospitalized veterans.

Mail from family members and loved ones has always been encouraged and the military mail system will continue to work hard to get that mail to servicemembers overseas.


Offer your time and resources as an individual, organization, or business to give families of deployed troops help with activities such as household repairs, spring cleanings, and yard work or specialized skills such as financial planning or legal advice.

Volunteer by contacting a local chapter of any of the following organizations (most have directories of local chapters on their websites):

Get more information on ways to help servicemembers and their families on the Website of the USAFreedom Corp, a government-sponsored volunteer organization.

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