This 4th of July, bring out the patriotic spirit in your child with our fun and simple printables.

statue of liberty crown coloring page

Coloring Page

Help your child learn about the U.S. government by coloring symbols like Uncle Sam's hat, the Statue of Liberty crown, the U.S. flag and the Liberty Bell.

Statue of Liberty Crown

Get your little princess ready for the fireworks display by crowning her with a Statue of Liberty headdress. While you're getting her into the spirit, share some fun facts about Lady Liberty, like the seven rays represent Earth's seven seas and continents. And though our printable only shows seven windows, it's important to note that the actual statue has 25, which symbolize the gemstones found on the world.

Uncle Sam's Hat

Your active little boy will be all-set when he puts on Uncle Sam's hat. Like the Statue of Liberty crown, all this printable needs is a splash of color and a string that you can attach at each end to secure it to head. Teachable note: According to historical sources, Uncle Sam was "a man of great fairness, reliability, and honesty, who was devoted to his country."

U.S. Flag

This printable will make any star-spangled party a breeze to put together. Keep the kids busy by having them color the red, white, and blue! As they color, teach them about what the stars and stripes mean and what the colors signify. White is for purity and innocence; red is for hardiness and valor; and blue is for vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

The Pledge of Allegiance

Looking for last-minute decorations? Print out the Pledge of Allegiance and have your little ones paste them around a picnic table. You can even have them repeat the words as they color the companion printable. Bonus: For better visual effect, alternate between both ready-made and children-colored printables.

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